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We are a professional supplier of probe cards, dedicated to providing customers with various types of probe cards and customised services. With our use of ReW (tungsten rhenium alloy) or P7 alloy needles, we ensure that the probe cards have excellent performance and durability in high-density, narrow-pitch applications.

What Types of Probe Card Offer

CIS Probe Cards

Designed for testing image sensor chips with high accuracy and stability. They provide consistent test results across a wide range of temperature conditions, ensuring image sensor quality and performance.

LCD Probe Cards

Particularly suitable for testing LCD driver chips. With its excellent electrical performance and reliable contactability, it is suitable for a wide range of display technologies, including TFT and OLED panels.

Logic Probe Cards

Well-designed for the testing needs of complex logic circuits. High-speed, high-precision test capabilities can significantly improve test efficiency and accuracy, making it ideal for use in mass production environments.

Flash Probe Cards

Designed for flash memory chip testing, they offer excellent signal integrity and long life. They provide efficient and stable performance in high-density storage device testing, ensuring accurate and reliable testing.

Vertical Probe Cards

Our Vertical Probe Cards combine cutting-edge technology to provide the ideal solution for testing high-density, high pin-count chips.

MEMS Probe Card

MEMS probe cards utilise MEMS technology and are particularly suited to the testing of miniature and precision devices.

RF Probe Cards

Supports frequency ranges up to 67GHz, ensuring excellent signal integrity and low insertion loss.

Cantilever Probe Card

Our cantilever probe cards feature advanced ReW (tungsten-rhenium) and P7 alloy pin designs to provide high precision and reliability for various chip tests.

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Our Main Service

PCB Carrier Board Design

Designed to provide a structured and organized interface between multiple probe cards and the device under test. Key features include support for a wide range of probe card and carrier board designs such as probe card PCB, CP PIB, FT DIB designs for high-speed designs, and a wide range of substrate materials to meet specific test requirements.


We offer PCB design services for PIB (control panel) and DIB (thin film transistor array) sections optimised for LCD testing. These designs support an efficient and accurate test flow to ensure the performance and quality of LCD panels.

Custom PCB Design

Our custom PCB design services cover PCBs used in a variety of test setups, including relay boards, fuse boards, and high power PCBs, and we are able to design PCBs with a specific number of relays (e.g., 8, 16 relays) and fuse connections (128 IOs), as well as high power PCBs that can handle high voltages (3000V) and high currents (400A) to meet diverse testing needs.

ATE Test Board Catalog

J750 Probe Card Universal PCB (V01)

J750HD Probe Card Universal PCB

J750HD Probe Card Universal PCB

Advantest 93K 11.5 Inch Universal PCB

Advantest 93K 9.5Inch Universal PCB

C3380P_(32X4) Universal PCB (V01)

C3380P_512 J type Universal PCB

C3380D_256CH Universal PCB

C3360_G type Universal PCB

Upgrade your probe card performance with our expert PCB designs.