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Turnkey PCB Assembly & Manufacturing Services

Jamindo is a pro turnkey PCB assembly supplier with a broad encounter in PCB manufacturing and assembly arrangements for small to medium businesses. Our clients let us be the complete turn-key supplier for their extend from fabricating to assembly and testing.

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How We Provide Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

Jamindo is one of the best-printed circuit board gathering suppliers, advertising adaptable services related to turnkey printed circuit board assembly service. You’ll combine a few little units in a single one to arrange bulk turnkey PCB plans, and Jamindo will deliver as considerable quantities of turnkey printed circuit boards as required after the plan’s completion.

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Turnkey PCB Assembly Processing Steps

Step 1​

PCB Manufacturing

The primary step begins when the client gives their circuit’s record. On the off chance that you don’t have one, you’ll send the schematic to Jamindo and tell what precisely you have got in your intellect. They will make the record and begin working on the PCB manufacturing preparation. With a forte in progressed sheets, Jamindo bargains in all kinds of electronic circuit boards.

Step 2

Sourcing of Electronic Components

The electronic components displayed on the PCB must be of the utmost quality. There are numerous electronic components accessible within the market which claim to be veritable but burn out in a short period. Each piece is checked for its unwavering quality, and it is patched on the printed circuit board.

Step 3

PCB Assembly and PCBA Tests

Once the circuit board is manufactured, and the electronic components are sorted, the method of fastening begins. The proper fastening procedure alongside high-quality patch glue and SMT stencils is vital for tall quality and completely useful PCB. Whether you need to utilize surface mount innovation (SMT), through-hole, Plunge, or a blend of all three, Jamindo will tune in to you and cater to all your demands.

Step 4

Final assembly and Testing

After the PCB is collected, the assembly of the external bundling is done. Jamindo will inquire you for a reference picture of what you need the ultimate product to see just. Like the external covering will be outlined in like manner. The company will not, as it were, gather the ultimate item but too get ready a client manual to go with it. All items are tried sometime recently they are sent for conveyance.

Step 5


The ultimate item is transported out through dispatch services, and we make, beyond any doubt that the bundling is up to the check, guaranteeing that your PCB does not get damaged. In case you’re not fulfilled together with your item or require help, Jamindo will assist you. After-sale administrations are a critical portion of Jamindo’s turnkey PCB assembly benefit.

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Application of Turnkey PCB Assembly Services


Exceedingly recognized for their exceptional capacity to handle the degree of uncommon temperatures and vibrations, turnkey PCB assembly can also take on irregular shapes that are well suited for carrying and substituting connectors that are slanted to disappointment.


The integration of electronics has catapulted the development of the automotive industry significantly. The end of the car industry looks shining with the continuous improvement of self-driven cars, electric vehicles, aviation and whatnot. The development of the PCB industry within the automotive division will be rising quick with a centre on independent and electric cars.

Industrial Technology

Turnkey PCB Assembly utilized mechanical control. This advancement gives a broader degree of mechanical vibrations and temperature suitable for gigantic automated machinery and developments. It has made capability to reduce the breakdowns found in this industrial technology.


Semiconductor boards contrast from most other custom PCBAs since they are not planned for a single application. Instep, these sheets are implied to be connected broadly and over numerous distinctive businesses. The boards may be utilized as tests to show capabilities or introduced into a more prominent framework for quicker bring-up. When planning and building semiconductor sheets, unwavering quality is the crucial trait in any case of how the board is utilized.

Medical Device

Medical certified supporting your manufacturing essential in one of the first demanding businesses. The medical capabilities cover a thorough run of specific parts from assurance hardware to handheld gadgets, from printed circuit board sheets to wrapped-up things assembly.

Robotics and Automation

Guide decades of manufacturing experience to clients who require high-quality circuit boards and electro-mechanical assemblies. The operation and systems are custom-made to reinforce mechanical things and consolidate turnkey manufacturing nearby regard, counting services just like the plan for manufacturing or testability and box development assembly.

Trusted Data for Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

Jamindo serves the world’s most innovative companies, from worldwide undertakings to quick-moving new businesses. Our software-accelerated handle permits companies to induce to showcase speedier and with certainty. To be able to bring around a streamlined arrangement, a turnkey PCB assembly handle is exceedingly engaging. But, such preparation at the same time is additionally challenging usually because there are a part numerous steps and obligations included within the handle.

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One-Stop Solution for Turnkey PCB Assembly

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Jamindo could be a one-stop arrangement for your PCB manufacturing needs. You don’t need to go after diverse merchants for manufacturing a PCB. Instep, you get all the services required for manufacturing and collecting a PCB beneath one roof. You oughtn’t to stress approximately getting the components from another put and finding a partitioned company for PCB manufacture. All your PCB manufacturing and assembling needs are sorted through a single source.

24/7 Live Support

Our neighbourly bolster group is available through the mail, live chat, and phone. Jamindo gives the phenomenal quality of advantage that can offer heading to our client to underwrite the foremost palatable result doable. The veritable person to help any time of day.

Flexible Payment Options

Our company offers a union of instalment techniques to continue with non-pressure parcels. We recognize all cash trades like bank-to-bank exchanges, credit cards, and Paypal.

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Jamindo gives improvement an understanding advantage to help them in selecting the highlight important and thrifty way to energize the turnkey PCB lead.

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With over ten a long time of experience, you'll depend on our advantage for single sheets to thousands of complex attempted assemblies. Jamindo is centred on giving clients a capable, however reasonable, high-quality PCB creation and assembly advantage around the world.

Rapid Response

Each turnkey PCB assembly course of action permitted a wander chief to assist you with the orchestrated handle. The turnkey PCB staff's fast reaction is open 24/7 and will communicate any issues to ensure you're proceeding as concurred.

Competitive Pricing

Jamindo gives a ground scale for all services. We are endeavouring to discover ways to save our clients without coming to terms with premises or ease and propose markdowns for enormous buys.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Jamindo, it makes a past address so that each client has 100% substance with our astuteness and offers assistance. We do the driving satisfied guarantee, so you will be able to be past questions and will take a separate in conjunction with the side of your ensure.

Flexible Payment Terms

Concerning your things, we moreover offer a merger of instalment terms to organize your needs. This will allow the minor winds to oversee the things and services they require without producing the backstream.

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We recognized a peripheral number of orders for all manufacturing. We'll permit us to begin your incline to alter briskly and save on-stock respect.

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FAQ of Turnkey PCB Assembly Business

In terms of PCB assembly, a turnkey assembly may be a benefit where all viewpoints of the PCB extend are dealt with by your provider for your sake. The provider secures parts and components and collects the PCB.

Full turnkey PCB assembly benefit has a few focal points counting simple management, low or high-volume assembly, numerous services, speedy lead times and more!

We are the plant and have our PCB creating and Assembly manufacturing plant. We’ll offer a one-stop advantage from PCB making to PCB assembly, testing, lodging, and other value-added services.

The shipping gotten is chosen by the goods’ objective, weight, and squeezing degree. In case it’s not as well as much of a burden, let us know on the off chance that you wish us to cite the shipping brought.

All you wish to do is, fill up this PCB turnkey assembly cite form with all detailed data, and we will get back to you with a cite. Feel free to inquire case if you’ve got any questions or questions.

Full turnkey PCB assembly benefit has a few focal points counting simple administration, low or high-volume assembly, numerous services, speedy lead times and more.

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