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Jamindo has a competent flexible and rigid-flex PCB manufacturer in China with assured quality and short lead times. We have been working with international customers for over ten years. Please upload your files now to receive a quick quote.

Flex Your Design Potential With Jamindo PCBA

Have flex and rigid-flex PCBs made in any quantity anywhere in the globe. Jamindo is the industry leader in terms of quality and response time. There are several merits of adopting flexible PCBs. The following are some of the perks of flexible PCBs:

Reduces Space and Weight

Utilizing a flexible PCB instead of a rigid PCB could result in a space reduction of more than 50% and a weight reduction of 95% despite retaining the circuit's efficiency and dependability.

Reliability and Durability

The flexibility, lightweight, and low number of connections in the PCB enable them to manage varying external stresses and increase shock and seismic protection.

High Heat Dissipation Ability

Thinner flex PCB components provide a through-to ratio, which improves heat dissipation. Compared to FR4, polyimide flex PCB materials can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Cost Saving

Flexible PCBs are often low-cost due to the fewer assembly stages needed.

Signal Integrity

Flexible PCBs function in various situations, ensuring signals operate correctly regardless of external circumstances. This increases the signal dependability of the PCB.

Higher Density

Flexible PCBs can accommodate larger circuit densities due to their thin flex layers and fewer components.

Sets The Standard For High Quality Flex PCB Since

A Flex PCB Board Manufacturer you can trust

Jamindo offers minor to medium-volume flexible PCB fabrication and quick-turn prototype and assembly. Our company’s vision is to serve as the world’s leading professional flex PCB maker for prototype and low-volume manufacturing work. We have been in business for over a decade. We are devoted to satisfying the demands of our clients from various sectors regarding excellence, delivery, and cost-effectiveness, among other demanding needs. We enjoy being your finest business partners and wonderful friends in all aspects of your PCB requirements.

Flex PCB Design Guidelines

The quality of flex PCBs strongly affects the efficiency and lifespan of an electrical system.

Flex PCB Assembly

We Provide Flexible Circuit Board Assembly Services

Rigid Flex PCB

Jamindo provides PCB Assembly on rigid and flexible substrates. PCBs that are stiff and flexible BGA, Micro-BGA, and so on.

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About Flex PCB Capabilities

We have a wide range of customer service capabilities and board layout alternatives, so you can choose a model that fulfills the requirements of your goods. We are delighted to be recognized as a premier provider of surface-mount, thru-hole, mixed technology PCB assembly, electronic manufacturing services, and turn-key Flex PCB assembly.

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Flex PCB Application

A flex PCB is similar to a non-flex board, except that the flexible PCB employs an elastic base substance to structure its circuit connections. Flexible PCBs’ durability and size, together with the reduced dimensions of electronics, have resulted in their acceptance by an increasing variety of sectors. Among these industries and applications are the following:



Medical System

Power Electronics



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One-Stop Solution for Flex PCB

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Jamindo specializes in offering full-service and high-quality PCB manufacturing, flex PCB assembly, and element sourcing to businesses of all sizes. We can handle anything from rapid PCB prototype to complete manufacturing, from component kitting to entire turn-key assembly, and from PCB design specifications to flex PCB material recommendations. We also ship globally, so no matter where your firm is situated, browse our extensive choice of PCB services now.

Flex PCB Design

Flex PCB design is unique from rigid PCB design. We will consider the board layout, bending needs, ideal material section, stack-up, positioning of cooper elements, and economic variables while developing a flex board.

Flex PCB Fabrication

Jamindo can supply customers with flex printed circuit boards in a wide range of technologies, from simple single-sided flex boards to complicated multilayer flex PCB, etc.

Flex PCB Assembly

Flex PCB assembly offers good electrical performance, satisfies the design requirements for smaller and higher-density mounting, decreases assembly procedures, and improves reliability.

Manufacturing Equipment at Jamindo PCBA

Our cutting-edge facility in the most advanced equipment for fabricating and assembling customized PCBs. Whether you need typical rapid-turn PCBs or boards with the strictest tolerances built from exotic metals, Jamindo is the industry expert in PCB. 

More PCB Assembly Knowledge

Our PCB portfolio includes Multilayer, Flexible, Rigid-Flex, Single Side Flex, and HDI printed circuit boards. We provide one-stop PCB assembly services for both quick prototypes and low-volume orders. Contact us right now or for a quick PCB quote. Inform our specialists what you want, and we will recommend the best PCB manufacture and assembly option. 

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