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Jamindo Quick Turn PCB guarantees that a customer will receive their PCB boards more quickly than ever.

The quick turn PCB is a printed circuit board designed, made, and put together in a concise amount of time. With the promise of high-quality products and a quick turnaround, it is guaranteed that deadlines and schedules are met, even for orders with a high volume.

Jamindo Quick Turn PCBA Services

Jamindo acquires more than years of experience in this industry and provides quick turn PCB assembly services. We can offer quick turn assembly while guaranteed quality with our cutting-edge tools and production techniques and expertise in various assembly technologies. Countries have used our excellent PCB assembly services, such as rapid turn PCB prototypes and pre and complete-production PCBs.
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Our Quick Turn PCB Capabilities

We are aware of how crucial our clients’ time-to-market demands are. As a quick turn PCB manufacturer, Jamindo has invested in several cutting-edge technologies to help ensure quality, short turnaround times, and the ability for our clients to accelerate their time-to-market capabilities.

We are regarded as one of the well-known Chinese suppliers of quick turn flex PCBs. We can provide you with excellent assembly and quick turnaround PCB prototype services thanks to our interest in technologies and trends. We can guarantee quick turn board PCB services with the following abilities:

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Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board Assembly Benefits

For Your New Product Start
Quick Turn PCB prototyping is recommended for both simple circuits and intricate designs. The electronic industry is volatile, and a first mover has a competitive advantage. So, the quickest route to the market is through quick PCB turnaround. The following are some advantages of quick turn PCB assembly services:
We offer a variety of boards because we want to meet the demands of our customers. It enables the designer to test our ideas on various boards. We provide rigid and high-end boards at affordable prices.
We can lower production costs and manufacturing time with quick turn PCB assembly packages. Additionally, the procedure offers functional testing at a low price using cutting-edge technology.
Customers lose faith in manufacturers when we make promises but deliver late, slowing down their time to market. We make an effort to guarantee a satisfied consumer in delivery time. Customers get their printed circuit boards assembled more quickly, even in complex designs.
Quick turn supports prototyping by expediting the production of a prototype PCB. We can improve their time-to-market capabilities by making this decision. PCB prototypes facilitate the early identification and correction of production flaws. Prototyping allows for the addition of additional features to increase functionality and effectiveness.
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A Full PCB Assembly Service Provider

We provide the most precise, timely, and economical PCB specifications and manufacturing process. Our PCB expertise provides you with the highest quality printed circuit boards and the quick turnaround time you demand, whether you’re looking for full turnkey services or PCB assembly that uses your parts.
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24-hours Quick Turnaround Time
DFM, SMT, and Thru-hole Capabilities
RoHS Certification & ITAR compliance

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Our PCB Services Helping Clients Around the Globe

As a leading provider of high-quality, quick turn PCB assemblies, we have cultivated relationships with clients in every industry.

We are proud of the clientele we have amassed over the years. We diligently pursue partnerships that will benefit both parties with each of our clients. Among the many industries we support are automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, technology, defense, dental, and transportation.

A quick turn. PCB assembly refers to work completed in the shortest time possible, typically between 24 and 48 hours. If an OEM features a plan prepared for production or only requires minor changes, it can be completed rapidly and with standard PCBs.
The PCB manufacturing process is divided into two distinct steps: Quick Turn PCB fabrication and PCB assembly. The process of transferring a circuit board design to the actual board’s physical layout is known as PCB fabrication. The process of attaching components to the board to make it work is known as PCB assembly.
The ability to operate our devices would be lost without printed circuit boards. They are crucial for establishing connections between various elements and enabling communication. Furthermore, PCBs assist in shielding these components from harm and interference.
Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are typically flat laminated composites constructed from non-conductive substrate materials with copper circuit layers embedded internally or on external surfaces. In high-density applications, they can have fifty or more copper layers, but they can also be as basic as one or two layers.