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Electronic Component Sourcing

We deal with a variety of companies to acquire and provide electronic components, including hard-to-obtain and outdated parts. Quality and pricing assurances are in place. You may be confident that when you use Jamindo’s distribution services, you will receive the greatest bargain provided with a personal touch.

Why source components from Jamindo pcb manufacturer?

Jamindo is a prominent dual supplier of electronic component sourcing. Jamindo offers a wide range of active, passive, and electromechanical components, as well as hard-to-find exotic electronic parts. We also collaborate with other suppliers and try to continually increase our advantages of additional source components. 

Consultant service

Jamindo offers the best consultant service for your electronic components procurement. From strict planning according to your company's needs to sourcing strategy to your quality control and evaluations. With the Jamindo team of experts and professionals, we ensure to give you the best consultant service you deserve.

Easy & Time-saving

We are a one-stop-shop solution for your electronic component sourcing service. Save time and energy in contemplating your component sourcing plan and strategy. With Jamindo’s team of experts, we will ensure you an easy and relatively time-saving experience with our service.

Fabrication Experience

When procuring PCB components, involving electronic component manufacturers with PCB manufacturing knowledge might be beneficial. This is due to their ability to handle production issues, non-conformances, and production delays. You can also request that your PCBs be tested electrically and optically by your manufacturer. It may also be necessary to request that the company providing your components evaluate the PCB for functionality.

Quality Control & Testing

From material quality inspection, component production, component testing, component screening, and final storage, Jamindo's production operation has a developed and comprehensive procedure. Automotive-grade components must meet greater standards for temperature adaptability, product consistency, and reliability than industrial-grade components, hence testing and screening are more stringent.

Relatively Cheaper

Jamindo passes on the cost savings to our customers because we source high-quality components from reputable vendors at the most competitive prices of any turnkey PCB service solution. Our clients' profit from both the competitive sourcing electronic components are the best components and the time to devote to their main line of work.

Global Supply Chain

We have an extensive network of suppliers available. Jamindo can provide PCB components anywhere in the world, ensuring the best quality. As a consultant, we ensure it all is safe to be relied on. We have received certification by international standards to source such PCB components. We also have professionals who can evaluate the component quality and determine component-board compatibility, as well as specify PCB needs.

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