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Jamindo may be a dominant manufacturer inside Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly Service. We have decades of encounter in SMT Assembly,  process,  and manufacturing. We pride our company on speedy turnaround time, lofty quality, competitively estimated, and wide-ranged PCB items. Our clients advantage from our wealthy encounter in PCBs manufacturing and workforce with broad ability.

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How We Provide SMT Assembly Service

Jamindo gives the primary dependable course of activity for SMT Assembly Service. Not without any reason, it permits components to be mounted straightforwardly on the surface mount technology. The method loans itself to the miniaturization of assemblies, which is arranged for the day.  

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SMT Assembly Process Steps

Step 1​

Solder Paste Printing

Solder paste printing alludes to the method in which solder paste is put onto the SMT assembly cushion through the openings on the stencil. Solder paste printing is executed by solder paste that’s put at the primary starting of the SMT Assembly manufacturing line.

Step 2

Chip Mounting

Chip mounting points to put components onto comparing positions on SMT Assembly process consistent with plan records and it is done on chip mounter that’s set after solder paste printer in SMT assembly manufacturing line.

Step 3

Reflow Soldering

Within the preparation of reflow soldering, the solder paste is to begin softening, making SMCs (Surface Mount Components) or SMDs (Surface Mount Devices) stuck to the PCB board with the solder paste cooled down. Reflow soldering is carried out in a reflow soldering broiler that’s put after the chip mounter in the SMT assembly manufacturing line.

Step 4

Cleaning Assembly

Cleaning points to kill unsafe build-ups cleared out on board. Dangerous build-ups conceivably determine from the flux that’s utilized amid the reflow soldering process. A cleaning machine is more often than not utilized to clean off residues, which isn’t set as a settled position in the SMT assembly manufacturing line. Cleaning can be executed either amid the  assembly line or off the line.

Step 5

Inspection of Quality in SMT Assembly

Inspection is utilized amid the SMT assembly method to urge the quality of patching and assembly to ensure consistency with comparing manufacturing standards and controls. Review gear can be set on any appropriate position in case fundamental.

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Application of SMT Assembly

Consumer Electronics

Electronics manufacturing utilizing SMT basically implies that electronic components are gathered with computerized machines that put components on the surface of a board PCB. Surface Mounted Technology components are put straightforwardly on the surface of the PCB rather than being patched to a wire lead. When it comes to electronic assembly, SMT is the foremost regularly utilized handle within the industry.


The warm trades of SMT appear and pointers have made contrast within the advance of the value of versatile communications contraptions. Regularly, overheated screens will lead to development hurt to the circuitry of the contraption itself. SMT assembly have made a distinction in certainly diminishing the number of breakdowns found in these devices.

Medical Devices

Surface Mount Technology assembly services are crucial for pharmaceutical and medical applications, especially when those circuits must survive exceptional conditions within the insides human body. Analysts have in addition made planning for printing circuitry onto a versatile, normal material that can be embedded within the body to create more sensible prosthetic members.

Industrial Control Systems

Surface Mount Technology Assembly Service was also used for industrial control systems. This technology gives a wider extent for machine vibrations and temperature that is applicable for big industrial machinery and technology. SMT Assembly Services has also made distinctions in diminishing the number of breakdowns found in these industrial control systems.


Much acknowledged for their extraordinary capacity to handle the extent of uncommon temperatures and vibrations, flex PCBs are exceptionally suited for SMT assembly applications such as satellites. They can also take on irregular shapes that are well suited for carrying and substituting connectors that are more slanted to disillusionment.

Defense Systems

Our in-depth information on different military application prerequisites permits us to collect SMT assembly services made from distinctive composites, materials, and substrates. Each SMT assembly goes through nitty assessment preparation that incorporates circuit board testing, component review, user testing, and indeed manual assessment, in the event that is required.

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Jamindo SMT Assembly Services has set the standard for building and manufacturing fantastically strong, solidified geophysical seismic information procurement frameworks that perform within the world's most severe situations. Our SMT assembly have SMT lines with speeds of up to 100k components per hour, making us culminate for your following SMT assembly venture. Contact us now!

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Jamindo SMT Assembly Service encompasses a compact arrangement with quality of leading adaptability that fits limited and smaller zones in solid SMT assembly services with incredible warm solidness and is cost-effective for SMT Assembly service. Jamindo is one of the crest SMT Assembly Service specializing in raising the quality of all PCBs that appears within the period, it too offers a one-stop and high-quality PCB illustrate provider and sensible PCB Assembly that joins PCB components obtainment and assembly all in one.

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Jamindo moreover has a 24/7 online client advantage bunch to extricate customer issues, giving great quality services that can offer assistance to our client to enact the finest result conceivable. Gladly to reach us anytime!

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Our company offer also a combination of payment procedures to proceed with non-pressured installments. We recognize all sorts of cash trades like credit cards, Paypal, and wire transfers.

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Jamindo does moreover offer accord services to assist them to select the fundamental advantageous and thrifty way to energize the SMT Assembly services things.

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With 10+ years experiencing in SMT Assembly Services, Jamindo is giving the most recent printed circuit board manufacturing advances and the most elevated quality guidelines for the devices industry. You'll be able to believe us to meet your requests, from small volume to mass generation whether the only Surface Mount Technology assembly or the foremost complex plans.

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The mass of specialists is open 24/7 to provide our extraordinary SMT Assembly services to work in any environment. We permit about an hour for the high-speed response time permitting us to lock in the answers we would like quickly.

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Jamindo too offers a ground scale for all services. We are apparently trying to find ways to spare our client's stores without coming to terms with premises or ease as well as offers markdown for massive orders.

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We make it a past address so that each client is 100% comfortable with our civilities. We offer a fulfillment ensure so you will be able to be past questions and essentially will take part in conjunction with the side of your guarantee.

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For the contract purchase terms, we offer a combination of payment terms to arrange your needs. This will permit the minor wanders to order the things and services that they require without having to increase the backstream.

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We accept a paltry number of orders for all manufacturing and SMT Assembly services. This will permit us to start your thing to progress speedier and spare on-stock regard.

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FAQs of SMT Assembly Business

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) could be a strategy in which the electrical components are mounted specifically onto the surface of the printed circuit board.

SMT Assembly Services come with a wide extent of focal points, the foremost critical ones being the truth that they are suited which offer a little estimate and diminished weight.

We’re an all-inclusive proficient manufacturer coordination with SMT Assembly Services and components sourcing. You’ll be able to get turkey SMT services all under one roof.

As of now, SMT assembly has been connected to progressed device items, particularly those having a place in the computer category and media transmission. Moreover, SMT assembly has been utilized within items from all areas, counting medical care, automotive, telecommunication, industrial control, military, aerospace, etc.

Turn time primarily depends on how quickly all SMT assembly parts are obtained so that SMT Assembly can commence.

PCBs after SMT Assembly need to be cleaned sometime recently taken off the workshop since the surface of assembled PCB may be secured by dust, residues after reflow soldering, and flux for illustration, all of which are able to a few degrees diminish the unwavering quality of items. Hence, assembled PCBs need to be cleaned off sometime recently clearing out the workshop.

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