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Professional PCB fabrication and assembly manufacturer

Jamindo is a leading professional PCB fabrication and assembly manufacturer. Provide PCB manufacturing services for various industries, including computer, communication, industrial automation, medical and military, and offer turnkey solutions for PCB fabrication, assembly, and testing.

Prototype to Production
Our PCB assembly services provide an all-out service from PCB assembly prototype to mass production. We can handle small orders and high-volume PCB assembly projects with high quality.
International Certified
We are UL-certified, ISO/TS16949:2009 certified, and ROHS compliant. We have been in the PCB assembly industry for 15 years, catering to customers worldwide and providing exceptional service.
One Stop Solution
We offer a one-stop solution for your PCB assembly requirements. We can handle all aspects of your PCB assembly, from design to manufacture.
PCB fabrication and assembly manufacturer

Why You Need "Us" for your PCB fabrication and assembly?

Our PCB assembly process, from materials to the final product, is strictly controlled. We only use quality materials and components in our PCB fabrication processes. This is to ensure that our finished product meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. We strive to deliver on time, every time meeting the most demanding schedules. We have a reputation for being reliable, honest, and ethical in all our business dealings.


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Industries we are involved in

Our technical team provides one-stop service

Aerospace PCB Assembly

Aerospace is a significant application for PCB assembly. It includes many sub-industries, such as aviation, space, and military. Many of the products we build are used in military aircraft, commercial planes, helicopters, and spacecraft, which require us to have a high level of expertise in the aerospace industry.

Medical PCB Assembly

Medical equipment is another primary application for PCB assembly services. One example is medical imaging equipment such as ultrasound machines and CT scanners. Other examples include ECG machines and defibrillators. We create precision-made PCB assemblies for medical equipment requiring high quality and reliability.

Automotive PCB Assembly

Automotive electronics are used in all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more. We have experience with both consumer electronics (in-dash electronics) as well as industrial electronics (engine control units). With extensive experience creating PCB assemblies for automotive applications, we can help you create a reliable product.

Electronics PCB Assembly

Our experienced electronics team can handle all types of electronics PCBs. They are experts at handling high-frequency circuits, RF circuits, microcontroller boards, and power supply boards. We use state-of-the-art machines to solder components onto the boards and connect them with wires or cables.

LED Light Circuit Board Assembly

One thing that makes our LED light circuit board assembly service unique is that we can quickly do simple and complex projects at a reasonable price point. We have extensive experience working with customers worldwide and know how important it is for them to get their products back quickly.

Military PCB Assembly

If you need military-grade circuit boards built, we can help! Our military electronics engineers have years of experience working with defense contractors around the world, so they know how to meet your unique needs while still keeping costs low enough to fit within your budget.

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Our focus is on providing professional PCB manufacturing and assembly solutions, and we’re here to help.

PCB fabrication and assembly manufacturer

How do we guarantee the quality of PCBs from production to delivery?

Working with reliable PCB fabrication and assembly is critical to achieving the best quality. That’s why we have a team of quality assurance engineers responsible for ensuring that every PCB is built to your exact specifications and is free from errors before it goes out the door.

They also ensure that our processes meet military standards, so you know you can trust them to get the job done right each time. And if any issues arise, they’ll be taken care of immediately so your products aren’t delayed.

100+ Experienced Engineers

The PCB production process is our core competence and we have a team of over 100 experienced engineers who focus on this field.

12,000 Clients Trust Us

We have more than 12,000 customers worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies and SMEs from various industries such as automotive, medical devices, and other industrial sectors.

Competitive Price

PCB manufacturing is our core business and we offer competitive prices for high-quality products with short lead times.

Over 15 Years of Experience

We have been in the PCB industry for over 15 years, and we know what we are doing. We have worked on many projects and have acquired rich experience during this period of time.

2,000,000 Electronics

We have more than 2 million parts in our warehouse to ensure you can find the components you need at a moment’s notice.

24/7 Live Sales & Tech Support

If there is anything that bothers you during production or delivery, just contact us via email or phone call (24 hours a day).

PCBA Examples

PCB fabrication and assembly case study

Check out our PCB fabrication and assembly case study to see how we improved a client’s productivity by providing them with high-quality PCBs. We have helped thousands of clients with their PCB fabrication, assembly, and fulfillment needs. We can help you improve your productivity and quality while saving money. 

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