Consigned PCB Assembly

You provide the bare boards and/or all or some of the board level components

Consigned PCB Assembly is equivalent to turnkey services in terms of product manufacturing. This assembly was created to provide our customers with flexibility and control during the PCB assembly and prototyping process.

Jamindo's Consignment Circuit Board Assembly Services

We are a reputable manufacturer in China that has been offering its customer’s consignment PCB assembly services. We have been creating and manufacturing PCBs together for more than years. Our Consigned PCB Assembly and Turnkey PCB Assembly Services are made possible by our cutting-edge machinery and highly skilled and experienced workforce.
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Our Consigned Printed Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities

At Jamindo, we can handle even the most challenging consignment assembly service requests. 

We distinguish ourselves from our rivals thanks to the following PCB assembly skills we have honed over the years. With the following competencies, we can offer you consignment printed circuit board assembly services:

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Benefits of Jamindo Consignment Assembly

For Your New Product Start
Consigned PCB Assembly works well in cases where clients already have their components or when they produce exclusive items. When the client makes expensive goods using unique features, that is preferred. Additional benefits of consigned PCB Assembly are as follows:.
Customers who order consignment printed circuit board assemblies outsource the work, which lowers the cost of producing the assemblies. As a result, the groups are a sensible financial choice. Jamindo specializes in consignment PCB assembly services, enabling our clients to create unique parts while maintaining a competitive price.
We produce these consignment printed circuit board assemblies using cutting-edge automated equipment. As a result, we may increase production and reduce lead times. Thanks to our punctual delivery and single-point customer service, we are your go-to source for your PCB assembly needs.
We conduct thorough quality inspections on PCB assemblies after manufacturing them. Our quality control makes it easier to ensure the manufactured assembly complies with all necessary industry requirements. We conduct PCB assembly tests and inspections using automated optical inspection (AOI), in-circuit testing (ICT), and X-ray inspection.
Utilizing automated equipment minimizes the need for human interaction. This not only aids in lowering errors but also dramatically improves accuracy. Additionally, equipment aids in consistency when attaching the components to the boards. This and our quality assurance procedures allow customers to acquire products of the highest caliber.
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Jamindo is one of the leading consignment PCB assembly service providers in China. We have a team of skilled staff and expert engineers who understand the requirements of our clients. We produce high-quality consignment assemblies with the highest industry standards at reasonable prices.

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Our PCB Assembly Services in Support of Clients Worldwide

Since its inception, Jamindo has strongly emphasized quality and client happiness. We are one of the top consignment PCB assembly service providers in the nation, thanks to our dedication to implementing the best manufacturing and assembly processes.

We are here if you want to work with a manufacturer who can help turn your unique designs into functional products. Please feel free to contact our staff right away to go over your product needs and ideas.

Consigned printed circuit board assembly is identical to turnkey services as it relates to the manufacturing of products. The sole distinction is who is responsible for providing the necessary materials for the project. Both services may meet demands ranging from low-volume, specialized orders to high-volume fabrication of standard PCB assemblies.
Yes, a hybrid version describes a committed PCB assembly partially supplied by the customer and the contract manufacturer. A hybrid printed circuit board (PCB) multilayer is a PCB that utilizes a variety of materials to enhance electrical performance, high-frequency RF application, and system dependability.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Thru-Hole Technology (THT), and Mixed Technology are the three fundamental types of PCB assembly processes. There are both automated and manual stages involved in PCB construction. Traces, or copper wires on a bare board, connect connectors and components electrically. Various imprints transmit signals between these components, enabling the circuit board to operate in a way that was mainly intended.

Consigned printed circuit board assembly is known to function well in situations where the customer produces proprietary products or where they have a significant backlog of parts. Additionally, it gives clients more control.