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PCB Design Service

Jamindo designed and layout bespoke printed circuit boards for analog, digital, and mixed-signal boards for a wide range of electronic systems and applications. We can assist you with creating PCB designs from scratch, including high-speed PCB design layouts, and provide technical consulting services to resolve any technical issues you may have.

Our Rapid Prototyping Service

Jamindo offers a comprehensive design suited for hardware, engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, thermal design, and test development. Our engineering team has substantial real-world expertise in designing PCBs for performance and manufacturability, which is one of the ways we help our clients come to market faster.


PCB Layout

Our team with years of expertise handles stack-up design, constraint setup, component placement, routing, and Gerber production for our PCB layout services. We specialize in DDR, fine-pitch BGA, component location optimization, constraint settings, and a variety of other technologies.

Schematic Capture

Specifications, marked-up schematic papers, block diagrams, and verbal talks can all be used to construct schematics. We take schematics in any format (PDF, drawing, and so forth) and may convert them to the chosen CAD format.

Reverse Engineering

We can take a bare board, an assembled board, and existing designs, and produce a new design with full accompanying documentation.

PCB Stack-up Design

PCB Stack-up Design

We will do an in-house stack-up design before beginning the layout design to ensure that all design objectives are accomplished. We will also recommend if HDI technology is necessary or might aid in PCB optimization.

Engineering Design Specification

A project specification is an essential component of a custom PCB design and layout service. The standard enables our designers to stay on the same page as our customers and exceed their expectations by offering high-quality custom PCB design and assembly services.

Component Selection

Component Selection

We select high-quality components from manufacturers all over the world, making our contract PCB design the finest in class. We also offer electronics design services by specialists who understand all technological needs and are up to speed on component trends.

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PCB fabrication and assembly manufacturer

Why Choose Jamindo Custom PCB Design

Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is a design development platform that stresses the simplicity of production. The DFM technique may combine parts to decrease assembly stages and the number of distinct pieces. DFM leads in superior product quality since the design may be tweaked and improved at each level.

Design for Assembly

Design for Assembly (DFA) is a design application framework that emphasizes assembly simplicity. DFA employs a parallel focus on both functionality and simplicity of assembly. DFA-designed products are simpler and more affordable to construct.

Design for Testability

Here in Jamindo, we ensure the quality of our products. We have Design for Testability (DTF) to ensure our product is testable. We added features to make our products easier to innovate or develop by applying manufacturing tests.

Design for Procurement

Design for Procurement (DFP) is a design and development method that concentrates on environmental and economic performance in New Product Development (NPD) and the final product. Environmental DFP lowers waste and dangers while also making recycling and input reuse easier. Economic and operational performance is boosted by DFP standardization.

Design for Cost

Jamindo designs for cost. It is a process to reduce the life cycle of PCB design services cost while giving our customer satisfaction with their demands. For Jamindo, it is an integral component of our engineering processes that requires designing both the product and delivery process.

Explore Jamindo Other Services

PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

Jamindo offers PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services. We will help you design your boards cost-effectively and technically advanced. From designing your board output files to layer imaging, etching, copper plating, tin stripping surface finishing, and board testing, we got you all covered.