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PCB Reverse Engineering Service

Convert existing circuit board to digital PCB files for repair, upgrade or reproduction.

How We Reverse Engineer A PCB in High Quality

Using the latest PCB reverse engineering tools, PCB reverse engineering software, and other innovative technologies, we at Jamindo PCBA, can help you quickly and accurately convert your existing electronics into the exact form that you need. We ensure that all components, materials, and processes used in the design remain consistent throughout the entire process.

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1. Intellectual property verification

One is the verification of intellectual property rights. Through reverse engineering, the data on the PCB board can be collected and analyzed to provide evidence for legal disputes involving intellectual property infringement.

2. PCB Scanning

The next step is to scan the circuit board. Our experienced engineers use the most advanced scanning technology to accurately capture every detail of your PCB, including component placement and routing.

3. Reverse Analysis

After scanning, our engineers use their expertise to analyze the components, circuit routing, and other data from the scanned PCB. During this process, we thoroughly verify each component and its related parameters to ensure that they are all accurate and up-to-date.

4. Generate Files

The fourth step is to generate the necessary files for the revised PCB. Our engineers use the latest CAD tools and software to create a complete set of engineering files, including Gerber, PDF, AD, BOM files, schematic diagrams, and more.

5. Build Prototype

The fifth step is to build the model, and engineers use the reverse engineering technology generated by the PCB file to create a prototype of the circuit board. Once completed, we then conduct relevant tests to verify that the reverse engineering process was successful and error-free.

Reasons to PCB Reverse Engineering

You might be wondering what are the reasons for reverse engineering electronics and your PCBs. At Jamindo PCBA, we allow you to benefit from the following advantages:

PCB Clone For Reproduction

One of the most common reasons for PCB reverse engineering is to clone a circuit board. By accurately reproducing the board’s components and layout, you can quickly and easily reproduce a functional prototype.

Product Repair & Upgrade

With PCB reverse engineering, you can also quickly identify and repair any faults in existing circuit boards. This is especially useful when dealing with complex components or large-scale assemblies.

Competitor Product Research

With the increasing competition in the electronics industry, PCB reverse engineering can also be used to study your competitor’s products. Through a detailed analysis, you can gain valuable insights into their designs and processes that would otherwise be impossible to obtain.

Intellectual Property Protection

Reverse engineering can also be used to protect your intellectual property. By scanning a circuit board, you can quickly and accurately identify any violations of your patents or copyrights.

Jamindo - Your Experienced PCB Expert

Jamindo PCBA has many years of proven experience in providing high-quality PCB reverse engineering services. We only utilize the latest technologies and PCB reverse engineering tools to ensure the highest precision and accuracy. Contact us today for more information about our services!

Over 15 Years of Experience Engineers
25 Patents and Certifications
370 Skilled Workers & 3 Factories
120+ Successful Reverse Engineering Projects

Jamindo PCB Reverse Engineering Services


PCB Clone/Copy

We help you quickly and accurately clone your existing PCBs, allowing you to reproduce an exact copy of the board.


IC Unlock

We can reverse engineer your ICs and unlock the proprietary data to ensure that you remain in control of your intellectual property.

Our PCB Reverse Engineering Service Process

Send Sample
Upon inquiry, we will send you a sample of the PCB for evaluation and testing.
Received earnest
Once the sample is received, our experienced engineers will begin their reverse engineering process.
Reverse engineer work
Once the customer pays the deposit, we will begin our reverse engineering work.
Confirm RE Work Result
Upon completion of the project, we will verify and approve the results with you before proceeding to the next step.
Received Final Payment
After receiving payment for the final stages of the project, all relevant documents are then submitted and destroyed per customer request.
Deleting Data
At the end of the project, we delete all data related to the PCB reverse engineering process and keep our client’s privacy.

Note: All the PCB files will be destory after 1 month or when clients require.

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