Top 10 EMS Companies in USA(2023 List)

Top EMS Companies in USA
Are you venturing out to businesses with electronic manufactured components? And hoping to find a suitable supplier to provide EMS with the best quality possible. Well, we collected some of the largest EMS companies in the USA to give you solid start-up prospects. Together with its brief descriptions is their homepage website for more accessible inquiry.
market Overview
The global market for electronic manufacturing services is expected to grow over the next few years. In 2021, the market size was estimated to be around 476 billion US dollars, and it’s expected to reach 797 billion US dollars by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 6.8%. That’s up from 504 billion US dollars in 2022.


1. Jabil

Jabil’s entrepreneurial founders assembled circuit boards around a kitchen table in Michigan in 1966. Even then, our driving force was to find new ways to add value for our customers. Jabil helps its customers bring switches, routers, and firewalls to market with higher quality and lower costs by manufacturing through one place of contact and responsibility. Beyond traditional contract manufacturing, Jabil is innovating for its customers to support projects such as SDN, NFV, NSS, and the global IoT. Jabil’s mission is making a Difference for Each Other, Their Communities, and the Environment.
Country: Michigan
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Founder: James Golden and William (Bill) E. Morean
Founding Year: 1966

2.Varian Inc.

2. Varian Inc

Varian Inc. is proud of their long history of innovation – from advanced radiation to radiosurgery and many other critical cancer-fighting tools. They believe there’s a cure and want to see any progress that backs that up. They’re also proud of the millions they’ve helped fight cancer – thanks to their work, millions of people are still fighting today. They’re powering wins daily with thousands of linear accelerators and planning sites. You can treat more people with more peace of mind because of their high precision and machine intelligence. Varian Inc. using AI and logic in their cancer ecosystem to streamline workflows, which means they’re helping healthcare teams get better at fighting cancer daily.
Country: California
Location: Palo Alto, California USA
Founder: Russel and Sigurd Varian
Founding Year: 1937

3.Celestica Inc.

3. LAN SHAN Enterprise Co., Ltd

Celestica is one of the top ems companies in USA that supports the world’s leading brands. They build trusted relationships and discover cutting-edge technological solutions to help their clients realize more excellent value, potential, and outcomes. Celestica is a leader in high-performance design, manufacturing, and supply chain innovation. At every stage of product development – from concept to manufacturing – Celestica provides global knowledge. They dream, build, and deliver a brighter future for their customers, supported by their world-class teams in North America, Europe, and Asia. At Celica, Celestica creates a highly motivated, high-integrity work environment built on a solid foundation of their company Values, which include collaboration, creativity, confidence, and care. These values give their employees the flexibility they need to serve you better.
Country: Ontario
Location: 213 Harry Walker Parkway South Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8T3 Canada
Founder: IBM | Rob Mionis
Founding Year: 1994


4. Sanmina

Sanmina provides customers with comprehensive, integrated design and manufacturing services in various advanced technology markets, including large-format digital printing, semiconductor equipment, other capital equipment, medical, industrial, self-service, multimedia, enterprise, and cloud computing. The scope of services includes sheet metal enclosure fabrication, complex frame welding, precision machining, assembly and testing of components and sub-assemblies, and installation and testing of whole systems. As part of its commitment to long-term customer satisfaction, Sanmina strives to surpass customer expectations regarding quality, delivery, and service. What Sanmina produces makes a difference.
Country: California
Location: 2700 North First Street San Jose, CA 95134
Founder: Milan Mandarić
Founding Year: 1980

5.Benchmark Electronics Inc.

5. Benchmark Electronics Inc

Benchmark is conscious of the urgency of timely delivery of engineering sample/ prototype assemblies, which is essential for validating product design and time to market for their customers. Prototypes are typically delivered in less than five business days. Their capability to prototype ranges from manually assembling assemblies from donated part kits to fully-service part procurement. Benchmark offers the highest traceability in the industry, along with reliable processes that deliver your products on time. The successful production of optimized products is achieved through comprehensive design engineering, manufacturing, and test development services.
Country: California
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Founders: Bob Kagle, Bruce Dunlevie, Andy Rachleff, Kevin Harvey, and Val Vaden.
Founding Year: 1979


6. Cherry

CHERRY’s history and future are informed by American business and German engineering. Today, CHERRY is recognized as a leader in innovation, creativity, design, and sustainability. Today’s demanding consumer values quality and style above all else. The concept of “New Work” and the combination of work and leisure are concepts that most people experience daily. To shape change, CHERRY seeks to redefine itself as a manufacturer by focusing on the specification and guiding principles for its products and the user experience, regardless of whether that experience takes place in an office, home office, or coworking space.
Country: Wisconsn
Location: Wisconsin USA
Founder: Walter Lorain Cherry
Founding Year: 1953



Medical device manufacturers who select EIT will be subject to expedited and straightforward audits. Your intellectual property will be safeguarded as all EIT’s EMS facilities are in the United States. EIT produces the most advanced electronics systems for the medical devices contract manufacturing industry using 01005 Ultra-High Speed Placement Equipment, 3D Sold Soldering Paste Inspection, 3D Airborne On-Board Inspection (AOI), and 3D X-Ray. By working together, they can expand into new and established markets. They prioritize customer and employee satisfaction to foster a successful working relationship.
Country: Virginia
Location: 309 Kelly’s Ford Plaza SE Leesburg, VA 20175
Founder: Joe May
Founding Year: 1977


8. KeyTronic

Keytronic has the expertise and know-how to help you at every step of the product development process. Whether it’s creating a finished product design from a sketch by your marketing team, supporting your engineering team to finish plans they’ve already started, or giving you the final DFM advice you need to move your product into production, Keytronic can help. Their small size allows them to focus on clients with more minor to medium volume needs and more flexibility. Plus, their global reach gives them the cost benefits of offshore sites only in more prominent EMS providers. Because of their small size, they can offer mid-sized programs at affordable prices and customer service you won’t find anywhere else.
Country: Washington
Location: N. 4424 Sullivan Rd Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Founder: Lewis G. Zirkle
Founding Year: 1969

9.Arrow Electronics Inc.

9. Arrow Electronics Inc


Arrow provides modern manufacturing services in your area, across the globe, or both to manufacture your product in a timely and cost-effective manner. Once your design has been approved, you must construct your hardware products (storage and service appliances) quickly and cost-effectively. With Arrow facilities, you can manufacture according to your schedule and produce hardware appliances or subsystems at any volume. You can trust Arrow to deliver with our global facilities, world-class supply chain management, and close access to critical markets.
Country: New York
Location: Cortlandt Street, New York, NY
Founder: Sean Kerins
Founding Year: 1935

Understanding More About EMS

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) are the businesses involved in the design, development, production, testing, distribution, and return/repair of electronic components and assemblies (ECM) for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The term “EMS” is derived from the term “electronics contract manufacturing” (ECM). The EMS industry was established in 1961 and saw its most significant growth during the 1980s. At the time, the OEM’s internal assembly was the primary source of electronics production for large product runs. For small businesses performing short runs, the emergence of new corporations provided flexibility and reduced human resource requirements. The EMS industry operates based on large manufacturing economies of scale by obtaining raw materials in large quantities and integrating resources, industrial design expertise, and value-added services such as warranties and maintenance.

Factors to Consider in Choosing EMS Company


It is essential to consider a company’s experience and the compatibility of their past projects with your needs. Ask challenging questions and gather as much information as possible about the business to understand its capabilities.


Some EMS providers have a high degree of expertise in design. In contrast, others may only specialize in electronics assembly or a specific design field that may not be appropriate for your product.

International Presence

It is imperative to have a service provider with international expertise in electronics manufacturing, as they are conscious of market potential outside of local markets, thus providing access to a broader customer base, resulting in increased revenue and profitability. Additionally, it is easier to interact with customers when one is present in a local market, as there are fewer language and cultural barriers. Furthermore, businesses are more flexible, making finding solutions that meet one’s needs more accessible.


Quality control and top quality assurance work together to ensure your product lasts and has a good turnover. Quality control stops mistakes and issues from happening during production. Products are tested before they’re made to ensure they’re either still good or improved. You might have an untested effect if your product has good quality assurance but needs more quality control. Your product will be tested, but it won’t last if it has reasonable quality control but insufficient proof.

Supply Management System

With a well-thought-out supply chain management system, you can save time getting your electronics manufacturing services company to find the right parts for your products. A good supply chain ensures your electronics manufacturing service company knows exactly where and how to get the parts you need.


These EMS companies play an important role in the U.S. electronics manufacturing sector, providing critical electronics manufacturing and design support to customers in a variety of industries, helping them turn ideas into actual products. Different companies have unique expertise in different areas and services to meet the needs of various customers.


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