Teflon PCB

JamindoPCBA is an expert producer of Teflon PCB materials worldwide. They are able to provide and supply a wide range of Teflon products with printed circuit boards as their top-selling item, thanks to cutting-edge machinery and years of experience as a seasoned company. JamindoPCBA’s Teflon board is one of the most high-quality items available on the market.

What is Teflon PCB Board?

Polytetrafluoroethylene or teflon is an element widely utilized in the fabrication and manufacturing of PCB products. This material, being used as a substrate coating layer in the PCB, will help the board develop resistance to substances against stickiness like viscous texture, wetness, and other liquid that can damage or destroy the electronic device.
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Properties of Teflon PCB

Teflon PCB provides outstanding properties as a circuit board crucially utilized in various sectors for electronic devices and technology. It has resistance and repulsion to:

Low and High Temperature

Because of its composition, this type of PCB can withstand and repulse any kind of temperature, making it the ideal substrate layer for a PCB. Whether at excessively low or very high temperatures, it can resist and protect the printed circuit board and the whole electronic device. Since most electronic manufacturers came after Teflon PCB to use this as their circuit board, their products can last for a long time.


One of the best features of Teflon PCB is its ability to resist any chemical mixture that can either destroy or can cause the electronic system’s failure. This enhances chemical toughness protecting the entire circuitry, which results in a device with a longer lifespan. Even in the manufacturing process, its ability to retain its properties’ and components’ characteristics even after chemical exposure is unparalleled.

Viscous texture and Grease

Its ability to resist greasy liquid and sticky mixture caused by certain conditions during the manufacturing process is outstanding. Teflon is a component material that is highly commended for sticky and oily resistance in a circuit board product. One of the toughest problems encountered in PCB fabrication and production is the fight against moisture, and with this type of PCB, none of these problems exist.
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JamindoPCBA is a certified teflon PCB manufacturer, producing top-graded items on the market. With our manufacturing firm, rest assured to receive the best possible products at your doorstep. We have gained notable experience and knowledge through the years. These experiences hone our skills in producing the best quality products.

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Applications of Teflon PCBs
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Different sectors want to attain a large supply of our offered PCB products in order to use them as a main component in their electronic devices. Some of these industrial sectors are the following:
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Power and Energy Plants
  • Medical