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10 Best Contract Manufacturers in Taiwan China

Are you into contract manufacturing and want to find a suitable business partner for your future endeavor? Together with its brief descriptions, we collected the top Taiwan contract manufacturers to give you a heads-up to venture yours into.
The expected CAGR of the contract manufacturing market is around 6.95% in the mentioned forecast period. The market was valued at USD 211.9 million in 2021, and it would grow up to USD 362.72 million by 2029.

1.JawBone Industrial Co., Ltd.

1. JawBone Industrial Co., Ltd

Kinmu Enterprise Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993 and has much experience designing and manufacturing plastic, metal, and Mylar products. They provide a comprehensive, integrated manufacturing solution for customers, from product design and mold creation to components production and secondary processing. They also offer final product testing services. You can get cost-effective products and save money with Kinmu’s one-stop shop for product development. Cut development costs, speed up development, and help clients as the market gets more competitive.
Country: China
Location:TuCheng Dist. New Taipei City
Founder:Hosain Rahman
Establishing time:1994

2.Intertech Taiwan

2. Intertech Taiwan

Intertech provides a comprehensive range of operational capabilities, from design to production of 100% Taiwan-originated molds, with over three decades of combined experience. In addition to its mold-making facility, Intertech collaborates with team vendors to build a highly skilled workforce in Taiwan. Intertech collaborates closely with local representatives to offer technical customer support, and post-sales support for the global market. Furthermore, Intertech participates in the Formnext trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as the EUROMOLD trade fairs, and meets with their clients annually.
Location:Min-An Rd., Hsin-Chung City, Taipei County, Taiwan
Founder:Debby Hsien
Establishing time:1990

3.LAN SHAN Enterprise Co., Ltd

3. LAN SHAN Enterprise Co., Ltd

Lane Shandan Enterprise Co. Ltd., established in 1993, is a professional manufacturer of various LAN SHAN Reverse Osmosis Systems, Water Fountains, Commercial and Industrial Reverse Osmosis Equipment, as well as RO Parts and Accessories, such as Water Filters. The company provides design, planning, and implementation services to its customers. Initially, the company’s focus was on assembling and distributing RO systems. Subsequently, the company shifted its focus to product research and development, mold design, and contract manufacturing after accumulating a wealth of experience.
Location:Hemei Township Changhua County R.O.C. 508
Founder:Yi-chou Lin
Establishing time:1993

4.Shang Yun Industrial Co.,Ltd.

4. Shang Yun Industrial Co.,Ltd

Since 1980, Shang Yun Industrial has been providing exceptional quality plastic packaging services based on the highest knowledge and abilities to meet each vendor’s requirements. The company’s main businesses include ‘Plastic Vacuum Thermoelectric Packaging,’ Blister, Clshells, Custom Thermoformed Packaging, and Plastic Tray, all of which are designed to meet the needs of the industrial, food, agricultural, electronic, and hardware markets, as well as the cosmetic and toy markets. They maintain the highest quality plastic packaging to satisfy vendor needs and deliver on time following their orders or on an order-to-manufacturer (OEM) basis.
Location:Diing Shan St., San Min District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Establishing time:1980

5.Gamela Enterprise Co., Ltd.

5. Gamela Enterprise Co., Ltd

Gamela Enterprise Co. Ltd. is a leading international engineered solutions and specialist goods provider. Founded in 1990, the company specializes in providing over 1,000 types of cooling parts and equipment for automobiles manufactured in Europe, the United States, and Japan, helping many of its clients realize substantial savings in their current manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and distribution costs. Customers can utilize Gamela’s components and products, as well as Gamela’s services, to optimize their processes.
Location:Chung Cheng Rd. Taipei China[Zip/Postal Code:242000]
Establishing time:1990

6.Fullgood Electronics Co.,Ltd.

6. Fullgood Electronics Co.,Ltd

Full Good Shangshun Electronics’ management team has been around for over 20 years, and they have a lot of experience in making electronic products and sourcing raw materials. They’ve worked with Japanese businesses to build oscilloscopes, PCBAs, and other products. They’ve been working together for a long time and keep doing that in the future for domestic and foreign orders. They’ve also got a lot of experience assembling finished goods, and they’ve recently taken on speaker production and making LCD monitor mechanisms in the US, among other things.
Location:Dakeng Road, Dakeng Village, Guishan District, Taoyuan City 33391
Founder:Kevin Chang
Establishing time:2002

7.Easton Precision Industries Corp.

7. Easton Precision Industries Corp

Easton Precision Industries Corp is a Taiwan-based plastic injection mold manufacturer specializing in contract design, electronic design metering (EDM) work, and injection tooling. The company is based in Taiwan, with manufacturing facilities in Dongguan and Kaohsiung. Easton Precision Industries provides comprehensive plastic injection mold development and manufacturing services to various industries, including aeronautics, medical, home appliances, and automotive. The company is particularly well-equipped to produce outdoor power tool molding and composite material injection molds.
Location:Wugong 3 Rd, Wugu Dist, New Taipei City 248019, TAIWAN
Founder:Chen Cheng
Establishing time: 1987


8. Titoma

Case Engelen established Titoma in 2001 due to his prior experience establishing and managing Well Design’s Taiwan branch. Initially, most of the product development was conducted by the company in collaboration with Taiwan and Chinese original equipment manufacturer (OEM) factories. Despite the company’s efforts to maintain a constructive dialogue, this approach had several drawbacks, the primary one being that it often took considerable time.
Location:Xintaiwu Road, Xizhi, New Taipei 22101 Taiwan
Founder:Case Engelen
Establishing time:2001


9. Yomura

YOMURA Technologies Inc. is a Taiwan contract manufacturer to specialize in double injection molds. Founded in 1989, YOMURA is based in the Linkou area of Taipei, near the Taiwan International Airport, and has a staff of just over 300 people. They run five modern factories, all of which are clean and modern. Their focus is on technical innovation, and they offer customers JDM/ODM services as well as joint R&D. To meet the complex needs of their clients, they’ve invested in a variety of engineering and manufacturing facilities, including their in-house tool shop, which is equipped with top-notch robotic tool automation.
Location:Industrial Park 2 Linkou District, New Taipei City 244, Taiwan
Founder:Leon C. Liu
Establishing time:1989

Understanding More About Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturers (CM) enter into contractual agreements with businesses to supply components or goods, a form of outsourcing. Contract packagers (sometimes called copackers) are manufacturers who carry out packaging activities on a contractual basis. Contract manufacturers are the suppliers of components or finished goods to a company. This type of outsourcing exists when a corporation presents a design or a product to a CM for a manufacturing quote, typically based on production processes, labor, tooling, and material costs.


If you’re an organization looking to get the most out of a contract manufacturer, you’ll want to ensure you’re working with the right people. Quality, speed, flexibility, and efficiency are all great things, but you need to work with the right people to reap all the benefits. Finding the proper contract manufacturer for your business is difficult because no two companies are the same. But with adequate knowledge and understanding, you can easily arrange everything according to your plan and goals. You can start inquiring about your broader prospects with our Taiwan contract manufacturers listed above.


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