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JamindoPCBA, a single-sided PCB manufacturer, produces single-sided PCBs of the highest caliber and quality. This electronic product undergoes a rigorous process and is used in many goods, from simple devices to large types of machinery. Their technique for producing this in-demand material was carried out with extraordinary accuracy and consistency.

What Is a Single Side PCB?

The single-sided printed circuit board (PCB) is an electronic device board with various digital component details on one face and a single layer of metallic conductors on the other. It is a straightforward design and can be produced on large scales. Even though it is simple to create, this component can be used in even the most sophisticated electronic products, making it the most sought-after circuit board on the market.

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How do we manufacturing step by step

How Are Single Sided PCBs Made?

Step 1​

Creating Circuit Board Design

The first step in the single sided PCB manufacturing process is to place electronic parts in the proper order, size-check the layout against the schematic, then arrange them on a breadboard. Draw a circuit layout using graphic design or PCB layout software, utilizing thicker lines for copper traces. Indicate component names in circles. Compare the circuit layout to the schematic, then flip the picture.

Step 2

Printing the Circuit Board Design

Cut the glossy, thin paper to dimensions, adjust the laser printer to superior printing quality, physically feed the sheet of paper, or tape it to plain printer paper. Remove glossy, thin material from a magazine or catalog. Trim any extra paper from the corners of the printed arrangement after printing on the paper side.

Step 3

Preparing for Etching

Clean the side of a blank PCB using water, detergent, and a cleaning pad. When the iron reaches the predetermined maximum temperature, secure the circuit board and press the printed paper to it. Move the paper with care. Any surplus paper should be taken out, put in a container with cold water, and then peeled off the wet paper.

Step 4

PCB Etching

Put on PPE, mix the acids (hydrochloric and hydrogen peroxide), place the copper side of the PCB in the solution, and wait three to four minutes to see if the copper surrounding the rails has vanished. Remove the PCB, wash it thoroughly, and wipe it down with a varnish cleaner before rubbing off the toner.

Step 5


After the PCB is assembled, we test it again to make sure that everything functions properly. We use a specialized machine that automatically performs a series of tests to ensure that your PCB works as desired.
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Benefits of Single Sided PCBs

Single Sided PCB 1

Simple to design and produce

The single-sided PCB is simple to create, making it simple to manufacture and produce. Fewer resources are necessary for its production.

Single Sided PCB 2


This kind of circuit board does not require significant manufacturing funding since it simply needs a few resources. Thus, making this electrical product less expensive and affordable on the market.

Single Sided PCB 3

High production rates

Given their basic architecture, single-sided PCBs may be made more effective in more significant quantities and numbers, resulting in a daily manufacturing rate rise of 5%. Bulk orders can be delivered to customers on schedule.

Single Sided PCB 4

Easy to repair

Its simple layout and design make repairs simpler. When something goes wrong with the product, you don't necessarily have to replace the entire circuit board because single-sided PCBs allow for repair.

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At our single-sided PCB Manufacturing company, we specialize in giving exceptional, high-quality manufacturing products and services. JamindoPCBA delivers a range of advantages, such as outstanding client service, highly trained employees, inexpensive rates, superior goods, advanced equipment and technology, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.

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Single Sided PCB Application
Single Sided PCB Application

Our Single Sided board is a commonly used electronic device that may be found in a wide range of industries. Calculators, radios, vending machines, LED lighting, and camera systems have all been made with our Single Sided PCB. Popular Single Sided PCB products produced by our manufacturing firm can be found in the following:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Consumer and Media
  • Aerospace