Optical PCB

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What is Optical PCB

An optical PCB is a customized circuit board incorporating optical devices and technologies into an electrical circuit for data transfer, sensing, and optical communication applications. It makes integrating various optical components, such as LEDs, photodiodes, and optical fibers, easier.

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How do we manufacturing step by step

How are Optical PCBs Made

Step 1​


The first thing you’ll need to do is create an optical PCB. You’ll need to find out the optical components’ unique requirements and where they should be placed on the board.

Step 2


Coating copper makes the material a non-conductive base material, such as FR-4 or ceramic.

Step 3

Optical Circuit Imaging

The copper layer is covered with a photosensitive substance known as a photoresist before being subjected to UV light through a photomask.

Step 4

Optical Component Placement

After the copper traces have been defined, the optical components, such as LEDs, photodiodes, and optical fibers, are attached to the board.

Step 5

Solder Mask Application

A solder mask layer is put to the board to shield the copper traces from the elements.

Step 6

Surface Finish

Accessible copper pads and traces are frequently coated to prevent tarnish and make soldering easier.

Step 7


Functional and reliability tests are performed on the optical PCB, including electrical continuity, signal integrity, and optical performance testing.

Step 8


After passing the test area, the optical PCB may be coupled with additional circuits and linked to power and data supplies.

Step 9

Final Inspection

A final inspection is performed to ensure the optical PCB’s integrity, which involves a visual examination, dimensional measurements, and performance testing.

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Benefits of Optical PCB



The wirings are easily interchangeable from a mechanical standpoint.



This property of optical PCBs makes them highly reliable in settings with high electrical interference or electromagnetic fields.



Optical PCBs have the advantage of being smaller and lighter than electrical PCBs.



This is very handy for streaming HD video, having fast internet networks, and doing other tasks that require a lot of space.

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Applications of Optical PCB
application optical PCB
Optical PCBs are extensively utilized in many sectors where data transmission rates are high, electromagnetic interference is kept to a minimum, and the design is small. Some of the most common uses for optical PCBs are as follows:
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Communication Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Medical Instruments