High Temperature PCB

High temperature PCB from JamindoPCBA are utilized under challenging settings, like vehicle parts, the interiors of missiles, and jet engines, which all have high levels of vibration and shock, extreme temperatures, or chemical components.

Jamindo PCBA High-Tg PCB

Using lead-free soldering resistance resin, our JamindoPCBA high Tg PCB improves mechanical strength in demanding, hotter environments. A resin is any solid or semisolid organic material frequently used in plastics, varnishes, etc. When lower Tg could be made useless by heat, moisture, chemicals, and other causes, higher Tg is more stable and likely to keep up. Because of its endurance, high mechanical strength, and capacity to survive severe environments, more and more PCB clients request that their projects be made utilizing our high Tg.
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High-Tg PCB Features

JamindoPCBA high Tg PCB is designed to function at high temperatures with a maximum PCB temperature higher than 180 degrees. The better a material resists temperature, the higher its Tg number; as a result, high Tg is more common, especially in lead-free processes. The following is a summary of our high Tg PCB’s salient features:

Best for HDI and multilayer PCBs

High Tg PCBs are widely used for HDI and multilayer PCBs to enhance the dependability of PCB manufacturing. Multilayer and HDI PCBs will generate substantial heat dissipation due to their tiny size and dense circuitry. A high Tg PCB also provides safety if your equipment operates at 130 degrees Celsius or higher. The switch to RoHS PCB is the leading cause of high Tg PCB.

Withstand designs with a high power density

While lowering the heat produced on a conventional printed circuit board, a large printed circuit board might enhance a device’s design and power requirements. An alternative is a high-temperature PCB material from JamindoPCBA if the device has a high power density and heat generation rate. Another option is to utilize a PCB with a high Tg.

Increased stability

Our JamindoPCBA automatically increases the device’s stability and heat, chemical, and moisture resistance whenever the Tg of a PCB substrate rises. High Tg materials are used in the PCB sector because lead-free solder requires higher temperatures to flow.
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Why Our High Temperature PCB

Working with the correct PCB provider is crucial for the practical planning, production, and assembly of high-Tg printed circuit boards. JamindoPCBA can assist you in designing and constructing a high Tg PCB immediately using cutting-edge engineering knowledge, technology, and skills. The designer must know the environment required for the PCB to function correctly. Contact us, and we’ll get back to you immediately if you have any queries about high Tg PCBs or the kind of resin system you require for your project.

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Applications for High Tg PCB
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Due to their recent popularity, our Tg PCBs are employed in electronic enterprises that may operate in warm settings. JamindoPCBA high temperature PCB designs are the best option for electronic items with a higher power density because heat generation tends to disturb the products’ heat sinks or other components. As a result, we provide high Tg PCBs with heat resistance that satisfy customer requirements and have short lead times for clients from various industries. As a result, the following are some applications in practice:
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Down hole drilling
  • Military and Defense
  • Automotive