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Top Low Volume PCB Manufacturer of 2024

Low Volume PCB Manufacturer of 2023

List of Low Volume PCB Manufacturers for 2024

Here are the top low volume PCB companies on the market today:


Sierra Assembly Technology, Inc. focuses on providing bespoke low-volume PCB assembly services. They have cutting-edge production facilities to handle the most challenging jobs while maintaining the necessary level of quality. With turnkey PCB assembly services from Sierra Assembly, we handle all aspects of PCB assembly, including part sourcing, fabrication, final assembly, testing, and delivery. As a top provider of low-volume PCB assembly services, they guarantee that your assembly project is entirely risk-free and is finished quickly.
Sierra Assembly Technology, Inc. is experienced in working with a vast range of materials and has excellent expertise in hand and wave soldering. All small-batch PCB assembly undergoes rigorous quality checks and inspection before they are dispatched to the customers’ end. We have fully automated surface mount lines to handle single, double-sided SMD assembly.

Sierra Assembly Technology, Inc. Homepage:
About Sierra Assembly Technology, Inc:
Product Features
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
Sierra Assembly Technology, Inc. 1982 USA Ross Vekaria


Mer-Mar Electronics specializes in creating custom PCB assemblies in low volumes. They offer complete turnkey low-volume PCB assembly, where we take care of fabrication, component mounting, assembly, testing, and delivery for the entire PCB assembly. They are well-equipped for small-batch PCB assembly and can deliver in the shortest lead time thanks to their competent engineers and devoted employees.
They have modern manufacturing facilities and the skills necessary to meet clientele’s high standards. Before moving to final production, they detect any issues and optimize by implementing approaches like Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT).

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Low Volume PCB:

Product Features
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
Mer-Mar Electronics 1974  USA Jeffrey Menkes


Newbury Electronics produces prototype and low-volume PCBs in batches with no minimum order quantity. One piece could be the smallest number. However, although our manufacturing process is heavily automated, we prioritize high mix, quick turnaround production.
Their expedited services, which allow rapid turnaround PCB manufacture of single and double-sided PCBs in as little as 24 hours at a remarkably cheap cost, are particularly well-liked. This service also offers multi-layer PCBs. Noting that PCBs are supplied without solder resist or legend, PCB should note that the express service is intended for quick bench-top prototyping.

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PCB Fabrication:

Supportive Services:

Product Features
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
Newbury Electronics 1956  United Kingdom Philip King


CHTL is a leading provider of custom PCB design and assembly in Illinois. Since its inception in 1998, CHTL has strived to meet customers’ diverse custom PCB requirements from various sectors. The organization can take up small quick, turn PCB assembly orders, ranging from one individual board to five printed circuit boards.
Creative Hi-Tech presently offers component placement and repair on boards with a 7mil pitch, BGA, -BGA, QFN, ultra-fine pitch QFP, CSP, FCP, and 0201 components. Additionally, they offer PCB testing and inspection services, including optical inspection and X-ray laminography, enabling us to inspect every solder junction precisely.

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Industries Served:

Low Volume PCB:

Product Features
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
Creative Hi-Tech 1998  Singapore Ravi Saini


One of the leading PCB assembly companies, TechnoTronix, specializes in various PCB fabrication processes and uses cutting-edge production techniques and manufacturing procedures to produce multi-layered PCBs of the highest quality using custom layouts.
With a combined experience of more than 40 years in providing high-tech PCB assembly and manufacturing services, they are more than just assemblers; they can thoroughly test at board level to box build level to offer the benefit of unmatched technical expertise and the most cutting-edge solutions at competitive prices.
To satisfy your specific needs, Technotronix can provide you with low-volume PCB assembly, small-batch PCB prototypes, low-cost PCB fabrication, and small-run PCB manufacturing services. They have state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing facilities in California, the USA, that is entirely prepared to offer you printed circuit boards of the highest calibre at competitive prices. Additionally, they provide short turnaround turnkey PCB assembly services.

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PCB Assembly:

Low Volume PCB Assembly:

Product Features
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
TechnoTronix Electronics Manufacturing Services 2012  USA Sda Rzi


Suntronic, Inc. can enable a limited edition product launch and accommodate complex needs with the help of our PCB assembly and low volume prototype services. Most new businesses and participants in this sector may favour a low volume PCB assembly as part of their trial and market research. We can assist all of these OEMs because we have a well-equipped facility with skilled engineering and design teams. The low volume PCB assembly services we provide are
design for manufacturing (DFM) and method for testing (DFT).
Suntronic, Inc. can produce low volume PCBs to the needed requirements with their facility’s cutting-edge tools and equipment. Gerber RS-274X, 274D, Eagle, and AutoCAD’s DXF and DWG file formats are acceptable for PCB designs.

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Low Volume PCB:

Industries Served:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Suntronic, Inc.
United States
John Ly


Unlike any other PCBA manufacturer, Tempo’s electronics manufacturing platform adopts a fundamentally unique strategy to combine quality, speed, and agility. Customers benefit from a revolutionary competitive advantage that enables the platform’s all-digital process automation, data-driven analytics, and linked smart factory to deliver tomorrow’s products today. To speed up innovation, leading product firms team together with Tempo Automation.
Their in-house automation software produces an uninterrupted digital thread from design to delivery. As a result, it is possible to accelerate and fine-tune the challenging PCBA production process.

Tempo Homepage:

About Tempo:

Tempo PCB Services:

Low Volume PCB:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Tempo Automation2013United StatesJoy Weiss

Garner Osborne

Garner Osborne is a 30-year-old manufacturer and assembly of high-quality PCBs.
Your one-stop PCB experts go far beyond the obvious. They are thrilled to commemorate Garner Osborne’s founding 30 years ago. Their 30-year track record has been based on producing and assembling printed circuit boards with unwavering quality and dependability. Here are a few more reasons to collaborate with us: knowledge, quality, location, relationships, speed, and sustainability. We are proud of our history and lineage.

Garner Osborne Homepage:

About Garner Osborne:

PCB Assembly:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Garner Osborne1991UKMike Garner

Cleveland Circuits

Cleveland Circuits offers a variety of client options for electronic manufacturing. From straightforward single-sided bare boards to intricate, thoroughly tested electronic assemblies, everything of our manufacturing is done under one roof, offering your company a convenient, cost-effective single-source manufacturing option.
Cleveland Circuits offers a complete electronic assembly service that includes a wide range of component technologies, from through hole to surface mount and sophisticated mixed technology builds, to complement our essential PCB supply operation. Additionally, they provide a full component procurement service. Our expert purchasing team works closely with all key component suppliers and mainline distributors to ensure part integrity, traceability, and cost-effectiveness.

Cleveland Circuits Homepage:

PCB Manufacturing:

Product Development:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Cleveland Circuits1971USASumeerbhai Amin

Cambridge Circuit

Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd is a top UK PCB maker, producing Multi-layer, Flex, Flex-Rigid, PTH, and Single-Sided PCBs with a full range of in-house services. We excel with prototypes and quick turnaround.
They are an extremely responsive PCB manufacturer, with lead times starting at just 8 hours, with usual delivery timeframes of 5 days. Our highly qualified and experienced crew has complete control over every production stage due to in-house manufacturing, so quality is of the utmost importance.
Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd is an authorized ISO 9001:2015 management system, with their UL accreditation, and all of their manufacturing processes give our clients trust in the safety, performance, and traceability.
Additionally, they offer effective mass production through our reliable strategic partners abroad and an assembly service via our UK assembly partners.

Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd Homepage:

About Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd:

Product Features
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd 1986 UK Mark Sanford


Eurocircuits are specialized producers and assemblers of PCBs in prototype and small-scale production. We are committed to providing a full range of electronic services that will assist PCB designers in completing their projects on schedule and within their budgets. In our specialized factories in Germany and Hungary, Euro Circuits manufactures prototype and small batch boards. Since 1991, they have grown to employ about 450 people in Germany, Hungary, India, France, the UK, and Switzerland through their sales firms and in Italy and Spain through their sales offices. Currently, they fulfil more than 100,000 orders annually for over 20,000 users, representing more than 12,000 active clients.

Eurocircuits Homepage:


PCB Assembly:

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Eurocircuits1991BelgiumWachter Gabor

Absolute Low Volume PCB

Absolute Electronics Services is the go-to place for all of your needs for premium PCB assembly!
They have been offering top-notch PCB assembly services since 1995 to several businesses in a variety of sectors, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, LED lighting, medical, and automotive. Absolute Electronics Services aims to provide PCBAs that are extremely durable. We go through several steps of scrutiny and in-depth analysis before certifying it as an authorized product. They also provide other producers of printed circuit board facilities for product testing.



PCB Assembly:

Company Name Found Year Country CEO
Absolute Electronics Services 1995  United States Nirmit Patel


Precision Technologies Inc offers PCB Assembly services with specialized features for low volume production quantities. They have cutting-edge production facilities to handle the most difficult jobs while maintaining the necessary level of quality. One of our services is turnkey PCB assembly for small quantities, where we handle every aspect of the PCB assembly process, including parts acquisition, PCB fabrication, final assembly, testing, and delivery. By having Precision Technologies build your products, you can reduce your tariff costs by 10% to 25%.


PCB Assembly:

Low Volume PCB:

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Precision Technologies Inc1969PennsylvaniaDeepali Khadakban

Economies Served by Low-Volume PCB Assembly

Virtually all sectors can benefit from minor batch PCB assembly. Manufacturers created small batch assemblies to provide all markets or industries with high-quality printed circuit boards at competitive prices.
The following industries can get low cost pcb assembly:
– Consumer Electronics
– Oil and Gas
– Defense and Military
– Networking and Communication
– Industrial Electronics
– Automotive Industry

Types of low-volume PCB assembly services

Now that you have sufficient knowledge regarding the advantages of low-volume PCB assembly, you can run into trouble deciding which types of assembly services to use. Continue reading to learn more about the various Low volume PCB assembly services.

Design for manufacturing or DFM

DFM often does assist with integrity checks on engineering dissertations, including bills of materials, circuit diagrams, assembly directories, Gerber lists, etc. We avoid dealing with further fabrication uncertainties, and the authentication is examined in this manner. It goes a long way toward reducing omissions and speeding up the backtracking process.

Design for testing or DFT

These services assist eager clients in better comprehending the procedure as they encourage them to have test points on PCB. DFT, in a nutshell, contains the capabilities of reviewing laws, using diagnostic teaching methods, outlining problems, etc.
However, many custom low volume pcb need the delivery of the Gerber record and bill of materials, or BOM, from their customers.

Prove your design with Low Volume PCBA

An exemplary printed circuit board layout requires an ethical onset for all PCB improvement. To determine your PCB strategy expertly, you must be conversant with various choices. It’s not just for assembly; it also demonstrates how adaptable and intelligent your decision to use the particles was.


Low volume PCB assemblies are best for individuals who desire inexpensive PCB assembly. Using the tips listed above, you can cut costs. There are just a few to a few hundred parts on Low volume PCB Assembly, sometimes even as low as 250. Reducing the cost of producing a PCB assembly is the primary goal of restricted components. Keep in mind that low volume offers benefits at a low cost. However, you cannot employ them in sophisticated technologies because they require additional components.