Top Electronic Assembly Manufacturer of 2024

Looking for the top electronic assembly manufacturers to rely on? In this article, we have gathered the Best electronic assembly Brands in the World for your business, including UK, Optima, Nextlogic, and others.
Electronic Assembly devices and gadgets are fundamental to cutting-edge life as they have various applications. In any case, they would be incomprehensible without electronic assembly.

Whether discussing conditioners, fridges, supercars and homes, and other machines and items that make our lives less demanding, they all consolidate hardware assembly amid the fabricating preparation. Hardware assembly could be a typical handle, including gathering, patching, or joining electronic components and circuits to perform one or more unmistakable capacities.

Top 10 Electronic Assembly Manufacturer of 2024

Electronic Assembly Market Overview

The worldwide electronic assembly manufacturing market is expected to reach USD 900 billion by 2028. The market is set to develop with a CAGR of 10% over the estimated period. Usually primarily ascribed to the developing request for electronic manufacturing services from the telecom & IT, customer electronics. Automotive. Aerospace & defense and mechanical divisions. This factor is driving the rapid development of worldwide electronic manufacturing services. For the most part, electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are utilized by companies that commit to planning, testing, making, and dissemination. These services, too, incorporate return/repair administrations for electronic components and congregations for OEMs.

Leading Manufacturers of Electronic Assembly Manufacturer

Here are some of the top electronic assembly companies looking to trust in the said industry:

Custom Interconnect Electronic Assembly

Custom Interconnect Official Website:
Custom Interconnect Electronic Assembly:
About Custom Interconnect:
Custom Interconnect Services:
Service Offered

  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Design Services
  • Power Electronics for BEV and PHEV Vehicles
  • Box Build
  • Rapid Prototypes
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Custom Interconnect
Whitchurch, Hampshire
Edward Petsuch

UK Electronics Assembly

Initially shaped in 1983, UK Electronics has been giving a high-quality, cost-effective benefit to clients who favor outsourcing their electronic plan, manufacture, and test prerequisites. UK Electronics was initially set up as an uncovered board broker and plan house and opened its, to begin with, generation office within the early 90s, at first with fair a modest bunch of workers. Whether you require electronic assembly, equipment or implanted program plan, PCB supply, PCB assembly prototype, pre-compliance EMC testing, or any combination, they can turn their thoughts into reality.
UK Electronics Official Website:
Service Offered
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Electronic Design
  • PCB Design
  • Cable Assembly
  • PCB Prototyping
  • Box Build
  • Others
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
UK Electronics
Oldham, UK
Stew Edmondson

4E Technology Electronics Assembly

4E Innovation understands the sheer number of cycles a complex regulatory unit can go through amid the Plan and Prototyping stages. When working with our clients, they offer assistance filter and channeling through these cycles whereas, capturing the quintessence of your item and bringing together a commercially solid thing and supporting documentation. Whether you require low volumes of profoundly specialized high-value items or got to satisfy more significant contracts, 4e Innovation can offer assistance. Much appreciated their broad extent of exact fabricating abilities obtained through the group’s numerous years of making high-value, high-tech items for administrative markets.
4E Technology Official Website:
4E Technology Electronics Assembly:
About 4E Technology:
4E Technology Design and Engineering Service:
Service Offered

  • Prototype and Trial Builds
  • Reshoring Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
4E Technology
Salisbury, United KingdomLars Granbom

Tioga Electronics Assembly

Tioga Limited, established in 1996, has created one of the UK’s driving secretly possessed Contract Electronic Manufacturers (CEM), advertising a wide range of electronic assembly, the total item makes, and complete turnkey arrangements, giving wide-ranging mastery and remarkable benefit to our clients. We attempt all perspectives of surface mount gathering (4 completely robotized, in-line SMD generation lines) counting BGA, BGA, fine pitch, and high-speed chip shooting, as well as the full capability for through gap, assembly, frameworks, construct, test and arrangement, complete box construct, bundling, warehousing, and shipping.
Tioga Limited Official Website:
Tioga Electronic Assembly:
About Tioga Limited:
Tioga Limited Services:
Service Offered

  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Inspection and Re-work
  • Through Hole Assembly
  • Complete Box Build Solution
  • Stores / Goods In / Goods Out
  • Systems
  • Others
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Tioga Limited
1996Derby, United KingdomWarwick Adams

Titan Circuit Electronics Assembly

Titan Circuits is typically an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100d certified company that manufactures electronic items within the U.S.A. They work on the foremost that quality is built into all of their forms. From start to end, quality is within the bleeding edge. They are committed to giving cost-effective, high-quality P.C.B. assembly services with prevalent client benefits. Typically an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100d-certified company manufactures electronic items within the U.S.A. This is often moreover a well-known and proficient electronic manufacturing and assembly company.
Titan Circuit Official Website:
Titan Circuit Electronics Assembly:
About Titan Circuit:
Titan Circuit Services:
Service Offered

  • Quick Turn PCB Assembly
  • Electronics Product Development
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Titan CircuitUnknownPhoenix, AZKen Shirley

A.C.I Electronics Assembly

This A.C.I. was established in 1992. A.C.I. could be a genuine worldwide provider to the electronics industry. Also, a well-known electronic assembly U.S.A. company is trusted by world-class manufacturers and providers. It could be a renowned title within the R.F., Microwave, and Radio wire P.C.B.’s manufacturing and providing industry. At Advanced Circuitry International, we esteem connections be it with our clients, providers, commerce partners, representatives, etc. We accept that long enduring connections are built on the establishment of trustworthiness, judgment, beliefs, and morals.
Advanced Circuitry International Official Website:
A.C.I. Electronic Assembly:
About A.C.I:
A.C.I. Product and Services:
Service Offered
  • RF/Microwave
  • Antenna
  • Large Format
  • Multilayers
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Assembly Services
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Advanced Circuitry International
Duluth, GA USA
Roger Dhanani

Optima Technology Electronics Assembly

Optima Technology Associates may be a broadly trusted and professional electronic manufacturing and assembly company within the U.S.A. that gives high-quality and solid P.C.B. manufacturing and assembly services for small-scale and large-scale in-budget generation needs. Give complete electronic contract manufacturing services from plan through volume generation and fulfillment to your Productive, Compelling Source for Electronic Manufacturing Services. Involvement is the comfort of having all your electronic needs handled by a single source with a solid commitment to quality and client fulfillment.
Optima Technology Associates Inc. Official Website:
Optima Technology Electronic Assembly:
About Optima Technology Associates Inc.:
Optima Technology Engineering Services:
Service Offered

  • PCBA
  • PCB
  • Box or System Assembly
  • Engineering Service
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Optima Technology Associates Inc.1955Lewisberry, PAPaul Anastasio

NexLogic Electronics Assembly

Naprotek, LLC, has obtained NexLogic Technologies, Inc. Naprotek is an electronics solutions supplier for high-reliability items within the Defense, Space, Medical, and Semiconductor Capital Equipment markets and select applications in Test & Instrumented and Progressed Innovation. Capabilities incorporate quick-turn printed circuit board gathering, prototyping, RF components, microelectronics, framework integration, and test services. Since 1995, NexLogic has been a chief supplier of PCB assembly companies, PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly Services, and Portion Obtainment services. For a long time, their clients have depended on them to convey their time-touchy employment with the most extraordinary quality.
NexLogic Technologies Official Website:
About NexLogic Technologies:
NexLogic Technologies Materials Management:
Service Offered

  • Prototype PCB Assembly
  • Military and Aerospace PCB Assembly
  • Production PCB Assembly
  • Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs)
  • Overseas Assembly
  • Automated Test Equipment Board Assembly
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
NexLogic Technologies1995San Jose, CAZulki Khan

A.C.T (U.S.A) Electronics Assembly

A.C.T. is additionally a well-known title within the electronic assembly U.S.A. companies that are most trusted and favored by tech businesses and individual tech-advancement needs for particular utilization. This Florida-based company has made its title by manufacturing distinctive sorts of P.C.B. as per diverse prevalent mechanical specialties and advertising their proficient assembly services to clients. A.C.T. (U.S.A.) Int’l has been devoted to making and supplying tall quality printed circuit sheets since 1994 through creative designing and design. A.C.T. (U.S.A.) Int’l has earned the regard of accomplices and providers worldwide.
A.C.T. (U.S.A.) Int’l L.L.C Official Website:
A.C.T. (U.S.A.) Electronic Assembly:
About A.C.T. (U.S.A.) Int’l L.L.C:
A.C.T. (U.S.A.) Int’l L.L.C Benefits:
Company Capabilities

  • Materials
  • Holes
  • Minimum Line Width and Spacing
  • Soldermask
  • Final Finish
  • Electrical Test
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
A.C.T. (U.S.A.) Int’l L.L.C 1994Melbourne, FL Jack Gemmell

OnBoard Circuits Electronics Assembly

OnBoard Circuits company is based in Arizona – U.S.A. What makes this one of the finest electronic assembly companies within the United States of America is the top-quality and professionally catered P.C.B. Manufacturing and P.C.B. Assembly Services it offers to clients depending on their tech-products requests for expanded proficiency and beneficial utilization. In a world of decreased advancement cycles, shorter item life cycles, and more responsive supply chain management necessities, OnBoard Circuits is extraordinarily arranged to meet today’s innovation manufacturers’ primary time and technology-based challenges.
OnBoard Circuits Official Website:
OnBoard Circuits Electronic Assembly:
About OnBoard:
OnBoard Circuit Services:
Service Offered

  • PCB Assembly
  • PCB Manufacturing
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
OnBoard Circuits2002Scottsdale, ArizonaJay Kshatriya

Things to Consider when Choosing Electronic Assembly Manufacturer

Electronic assembly ought to do with the creation and community of components on a few types of circuit boards. Choosing the proper benefit for this errand will depend on the circuit sheets required and the vital chores to develop the perfect setup. The capacity to reliably turn out high-quality congregations at a satisfactory generation level and a sensible took toll per unit are points that must be tended to when endeavoring to recognize commerce that will give the most excellent conceivable electronic assembly services.

Beware of Scammers

Scamming has been an issue within the electronics assembly industry worldwide for a moment. They will frequently posture as authentic businesses but will not provide their guarantees. There is a bounty of postings and data approximately different manufacturing companies. When comparing cities with diverse companies, it is vital to figure labor costs into the condition.

Research on their Expertise

Within the worldwide commercial center, it’s simple to discover low-cost suppliers for any item or benefit. The proverb you get what you pay for has never been more genuine than it is with electronics manufacturing. When seeking a supplier, don’t reasonably go for the cheapest choice – beyond any doubt, they can give quality items that meet your measures. Make it beyond any doubt.

Understand How Quality Control Works

When it comes to quality control, it’s imperative to get how the method works to guarantee that your items are up to standard. There are regularly three stages of quality control: pre-production, amid generation, and post-production. Pre-production is where providers test components for precision and consistency, recently assembling them into a wrapped-up item. Amid age, each portion is reviewed by specialists who go through each assembly line step. Post-production is where analyzers take a test of the ultimate thing to create.

Ask for What You Want

Regarding electronics assembly, it’s critical to be clear about almost what you need from your manufacturer. Suppose you’re not beyond any doubt what you would, like to inquire for a citation on an assortment of services. A few companies charge by the hour or based on how numerous parts are included, whereas others offer a settled cost per venture.

Be Careful With their Credentials

When you’re prepared to dispatch your item, you would like to create, and beyond any doubt, you’ve got a suitable export certificate. Something else, you’ll confront delays at traditions or indeed have your shipment seized. This can be something your manufacturer will get to be confirmed. There are numerous diverse sorts of certificates that they might require, so it’s imperative to make a few inquiries in advance, so you’ll get what necessities are required for the sort of items that you’re shipping and how to go around satisfying them.


The above article has talked approximately what electronic assembly implies. They have realized that they require electronic assembly in their day-by-day operations. Incredibly, they have seen that they can carry out electronic assembly in their homes. Currently, numerous individuals favor assembling electronics domestically over working in companies where bosses run the show. They, in this manner, conclusion up getting to be self-employed. As a result, numerous individuals conclude seeing electronics and their helpful structure.