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Top 9 Aerospace PCB Manufacturers

If you seek an aerospace PCB manufacturer, you have come to the correct site. This article will show you the list of reliable aerospace PCB manufacturers that might help you to choose the right applications for aerospace PCBs, including control tower systems, power converters, radar installations, and many more. Keep reading this!

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What is Aerospace PCB

Circuit boards are required for the production of electronics. PCBs and their components comprise the “engine” of any electrical gadget. This is because PCBs help to direct electrical charges, which are essential for smooth operation. In the aerospace sector, PCBs are utilized. Military aircraft and other planes are outfitted with a variety of equipment. Special PCBs are necessary due to the industry’s sensitivity. The answer is aerospace-printed circuit boards. These PCBs include features like durability, stress absorption, and humidity, among others. These factors make them the best choice for the aerospace industry. The sort of material that should be employed is also determined by the nature of the work.

Types of Aerospace PCB

Several forms of PCBs for the aircraft sector have existed depending on the application. Some of these applications are:

Single-Sided PCBs

These are circuit boards with components installed on only one side. They are utilized in the aerospace sector to make switching relays. They are also employed in the circuitry of surveillance machines.

Double-Sided PCBs

These are two-layered circuit boards on which components can be put. They are extensively utilized in the aircraft sector to make power supply. They’re also necessary for LED lights.

Multilayer PCBs

All multilayer PCBs feature at least three conducting layers. They are utilized in the aerospace sector to produce signal transmission equipment. Multilayer PCBs are also used to manufacture electronics for aeronautical probes and GPS technology.

Market Outlook

To The Business Research Company’s aerospace and defense PCB market report, increased demand for commercial and military UAVs is expected to fuel the industry’s future growth. Military drones, also known as uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs), are created and used by the military for various purposes. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be commanded remotely or flow autonomously utilizing pre-programmed flight plans or artificial intelligence.
The global aerospace and military PCB market is expected to rise at a compound yearly growth rate of 2.7% between 2022 and 2023, from $1.29 billion to $1.32 billion. The war between these two countries has resulted in economic sanctions on other countries, a spike in commodity prices, and supply chain disruptions, all of which have resulted in inflation across products and services and harmed several markets worldwide. The global aerospace and military PCB market is expected to reach $1.49 billion by 2027, increasing at a CAGR of 2.9%.

Top 9 Aerospace PCB Manufacturer

1. Techno Tronix Aerospace PCB

TechnoTronix, a PCB assembly powerhouse, uses innovative methods and processes for manufacturing, with expertise in various PCB fabrication processes, to produce excellent multi-layered PCBs from custom layouts. They are more than just an assembler, with over 40 years of combined experience in providing high-tech PCB assembly and manufacturing services. It can thoroughly test at the board level to the box build level and offer unbeatable technical expertise and the most innovative options at competitive prices.

2. Sierra Circuits Aerospace PCB

While working for Honeywell, Ken Bahl, Founder & CEO of Sierra Circuits, invented the first multilayer PCB fabrication technique in 1986. Sierra Circuits established itself and began producing good-quality quick-turn PCBs in 1993. Sierra Circuits is shifting its attention to the PCB Prototype market. They are the first to offer a pricing list with a guaranteed turnaround time.

3. Tempo Aerospace PCB

Tempo Automation works with top product companies to accelerate innovation. Tempo’s electronics manufacturing platform, unlike any other PCBA maker, takes a fundamentally unique approach to deliver quality, speed, and agility. The solution’s all-digital process automation, data-driven analytics, and integrated smart factory give firms a game-changing competitive advantage—the potential to deliver things of tomorrow now. The group is committed to pushing the limits of what is possible. They believe manufacturing should be sluggish, error-prone, opaque, and unpredictable. So we’re creating a manufacturing system prioritizing speed, accuracy, transparency, and dependability.

4. Excello Circuits Aerospace PCB

Excello Circuits is a leading PCB maker based in Anaheim, California. They strive to provide customers with a one-stop production solution. They aim to serve their requirements beginning with design services, engineering assistance, and prototype development and continuing through the production manufacture of time-critical and technologically challenging printed circuit board products.

5. Mermar Inc Aerospace PCB

Mer-Mar Electronics is a California-based company that offers a full range of contract manufacturing services, including PCB fabrication, aerospace PCB assembly, cable harnessing, and box build. They offer both consignment (labor only) and turn-key services for quick-turn and standard delivery schedules. They also provide specialized system enclosures designed to withstand hostile conditions, making them a strong and dependable tool for reducing and eliminating costly downtime. They will only produce to the highest quality standards as a service provider, and all items must pass their stringent quality checks.
Mermar Inc

6. Summit Interconnect Aerospace PCB

Summit Interconnect is a significant PCB manufacturer in North America. Through field application engineers across North America, best-in-class procedures, top-of-the-line equipment, and redundant facilities, they are the clear choice when choosing a manufacturer for robust PCB design now and in years to come. The PCB products and services are designed to meet client expectations and provide long-term field reliability. In-house testing offers an ongoing feedback loop that allows them to assess the process’s capabilities and focus on continuous development.
Summit Interconnect

7. Amitron Aerospace PCB

Amitron has offered printed circuit boards with exceptional speed and customer service since 1985. They take great pleasure in providing world-class goods and customer service as one of the world’s largest and most experienced printed circuit board manufacturers. Their devoted workforce with experience in all elements of the PCB business supports excellent multilayer, double-sided, and single-sided printed circuit boards.

8. TTM Technologies Aerospace PCB

TTM Technologies, Inc. is a major worldwide technology solutions firm and printed circuit board manufacturer headquartered in Santa Ana, California. They specialize in high-frequency radio frequency (“RF”), microwave components, assemblies, and quick-turn and volume production of technologically sophisticated PCBs and backplanes. “Time-to-market” is abbreviated as TTM. Customers may reduce the time it takes to bring game-changing electronics to market by using TTM’s time-critical, one-stop advanced technology and manufacturing services.
TTM Technologies

9. Creative Hi-Tech Aerospace PCB

Creative Hi-Tech Ltd. (CHTL) is Illinois’s only bespoke PCB design and assembly company. Since its inception in 1998, CHTL has strived to meet clients’ different custom PCB demands from sectors. Starting with just one pick and place machine in a 7000 sq. ft. facility, CHTL now operates from a 25,000 sq. ft. of fully outfitted space. Over 18 years, CHTL has acquired cutting-edge equipment, including two manufacturing lines, SMT and PTH technologies, and advanced testing and inspection tools. The firm makes no compromises when using industrial-quality materials and components for manufacturing the PCBs.
Creative Hi-Tech

Things to Consider When Choosing an Aerospace PCB Manufacturer

Obtaining aerospace PCBs is likely to be the most challenging issue. However, here are the things to consider when choosing Aerospace PCB that you might know.

Technological Efficiency

These advancements ensure that the items produced are more efficient and dependable. They get their strength by incorporating the advantages of past technologies. Furthermore, they leverage the shortcomings of previous technologies and build on them. When looking for aerospace PCBs, search for companies that use cutting-edge technology.


Aerospace PCBs are costly. They are designed with several environmental issues that airplanes face. You don’t want to purchase such an expensive item without a guarantee. The warranty demonstrates the manufacturer’s faith in the goods he delivers to you. It also provides you good value for money if an anomaly occurs within the set time frame. This will assist you in minimizing losses.


Extensive experience is typically connected with excellence. This is also true for the design and manufacture of aeronautical PCBs. It is best to source aeronautical PCBs from companies with more industry experience. Experienced suppliers will also likely be familiar with the aviation industry’s laws. As a result, you can be confident that you will receive flawless PCBs for your aeronautical requirements.

After-Sales Support

You must also select an aeronautical PCB supplier who can service their product. PCB components might cause complications in specific instances. It would be wonderful if the dealer serviced or replaced it. This will assist in guaranteeing that you receive the appropriate service for the component. A provider unable to keep his product in good working order is undesirable.


Working with a PCB manufacturer who can supply tailored solutions to fit the particular objectives of each aerospace project is also vital. In summary, collaborating with an experienced and dependable aerospace PCB manufacturer may help secure the success of any aviation project while reducing risks and assuring the most excellent quality and performance.