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9 Top Rogers PCB Manufacturers of 2023

Rogers PCB Manufacturers
Do you require Rogers PCB as a foundation material? If so, you must design your board with one of the largest Rogers PCB manufacturers. But expect only some of them to be able to do the job. That is why we have put together this post to provide you with all the information you want.
We’ll review why Rogers is so significant, who the manufacturers are, and what you need to know to build a circuit board with Rogers.


1. TechnoTronix

Foundation Year: 1964
Nation: Anaheim, California, USA
Founder: Sda Rzi
They employ cutting-edge production methods and manufacturing processes at TechnoTronix. They focus on various PCB fabrication procedures to create excellent multi-layer PCBs from unique layouts. They’re more than simply an assembler, with over 40 years of expertise in offering cutting-edge PCB assembly and manufacturing solutions. They can test anything from the board to the box construction level to provide you with the most technical know-how and advanced solutions at excellent costs.
TechnoTronix Homepage:

2.Sierra Circuits

2. Sierra Circuits

Foundation Year: 1960
Nation: CA, USA
Founder: Ken Bahl
While working at Honeywell in the mid-1980s, Sierra Circuits Founder & CEO Ken Bahl invented the first multi-layered PCB manufacturing technique. Other firms were only producing circuit boards at the time. Sierra Circuits was constantly developing and pushing the envelope to help revolutionize the PCB business. Sierra Circuits specializes in fast-turn PCBs and mid-run manufacture. Their primary goal is to produce the most remarkable quality PCBs in the quickest time feasible. They distinguish themselves by being the real PCB producer and assembly.
Sierra Circuits Homepage:

3.Sierra Assembly Technology LLC

3. Sierra Assembly Technology LLC

Foundation Year: 1982
Nation: California, United States
Sierra Assembly Technology Inc. has expanded from a single pick and place machine operating in a 7,000-square-foot area in 1982 to a 20,000-square-foot complex, more than doubling the square footage of its present working space. Sierra now has two Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) assembly lines that are entirely automated. Sierra specializes in manufacturing high-frequency Rogers Circuit Boards built to endure pressure and extreme heat.
Sierra Assembly Technology LLC Homepage:

4.PCB Power

4. PCB Power

Foundation Year: 1996
Nation: Northridge, California
Founder: Paresh Vasani
PCB Power has established itself as one of the industry’s leaders since its beginning in 1996, delivering worldwide standards to the Indian market. PCB Power has evolved into a value-added platform for the electronics sector, focusing on customer-centricity, a dedication to innovation, significant investments in human resources, and a thorough emphasis on quality in all its operations.
PCB Power Homepage:

5.Twisted Traces

5. Twisted Traces

Foundation Year: 1993
Nation: Village, IL
Founder: Brian S.
Twisted Traces, one of the top three PCB manufacturing firms in the United States, offers unrivaled benefits on three levels: quality, pricing, and timely delivery. As a forward-thinking printed circuit board maker with 30+ years of PCB manufacturing experience, it is critical to make your ideas a reality. Today’s PCB market is flooded with low-quality. These untrustworthy off-shipping items might be a total waste of time and money. Twisted Traces sells US-made items at offshore costs to reintroduce made in the USA to the PCB manufacturing business.
Twisted Traces Homepage:

6.Sunstone Circuits

6. Sunstone Circuits

Foundation Year: 1972
Nation: Mulino, Oregon US
Founder: Terry Heilman
Sunstone Circuits, a leading producer of high-quality, on-time printed circuit board solutions, has supplied the electronic design industry with unique and dependable solutions since 1972. Sunstone Circuits is committed to streamlining design engineers’ prototype and manufacturing processes, from quote through delivery, emphasizing quality and on-time delivery. Sunstate Circuits provides unmatched customer service and is the industry leader in PCB on-time delivery, thanks to White-Glove assistance.
Sunstone Circuits Homepage:

7.iPCB Circuits Co., Ltd.

7. iPCB Circuits Co., Ltd

Foundation Year: 2019
Nation: Japan
Founder: Robert Podro
iPCB is a cutting-edge manufacturing firm producing top-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs). They provide advanced PCB fabrication services to both local and foreign technology companies. It covers 23,000 square meters and employs 280 people, with more than 35% being professionals and technicians and the remainder holding a bachelor’s degree or above.
iPCB Circuits Co., Ltd. Homepage:

8.IBE Electronics

8. IBE Electronics

Foundation Year: 2005
Nation: Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
Founder: Linggang He
IBE, founded in 2005, designs and develops solutions to fulfill your worldwide goals. The service culture is closely associated with providing personalized solutions to match the changing business objectives of customers. IBE is committed to maintaining excellent safety, product compliance, and quality. They must commit to involvement, responsibility, and empowerment to protect their consumers and brands.
IBE Electronics Homepage:

9.Absolute Electronics Services

9. Absolute Electronics Services

Foundation Year: 1995
Nation: Elk Grove Village Illinois
Founder: Kishor Patel
Absolute PCB Assembly has established itself as one of the leading PCB Manufacturing firms capable of producing high-quality circuit boards since 1995. They have provided high-quality PCB assembly solutions to various clients in consumer electronics, telecommunications, LED lighting, medical, automotive, and others.
Absolute Electronics Services Homepage:

What is Rogers PCB

Rogers Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are made of epoxy and ceramics. They are well-known for having a high Dielectric Constant, a low Loss Tangent, and a high Thermal Conductivity, making them an excellent choice for high-frequency applications. These circuit boards are widely utilized in various electronic devices, including cellular phones, satellite communication, and wireless networking.
Rogers PCB’s raw materials are supplied by the Rogers Company, which manufactures laminate materials extensively used in circuit board fabrication. The Rogers PCB is a type of PCB board that differs from standard epoxy resin-based PCB boards in that it uses a ceramic substrate as a high-frequency material. Rogers PCB’s key benefits are its thermal stability and excellent Dielectric Constant.

Things to Consider in Choosing Rogers PCB Manufacturers

A multitude of variables must be considered while selecting Rogers PCB makers. Rogers PCBs, or customized circuit boards built with Rogers materials, are known for their high-frequency performance, low loss, and outstanding electrical insulating features. The following are some of the most important factors to consider while choosing Rogers PCB manufacturers.

Experience and Expertise

Choosing a manufacturer with an established track record and considerable expertise in creating Rogers PCBs is advised. Examining the manufacturer’s experience dealing with Rogers materials and understanding the specific application requirements is critical.

Quality Standards

Check if the producer has strict quality control procedures. They should fulfill industry standards such as ISO 9001 and be able to meet your quality requirements. Look for manufacturers who do extensive testing and inspections during the production process.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Examine what the company can do to produce your goods. Consider how much manufacturing they can handle, the equipment they have, and the technologies they have. Does the manufacturer have the necessary tools and resources to complete your job on time?

Material Selection

Rogers PCBs are classified into several series, including the RO4000 and RO3000 series, each with its own characteristics. Contact the manufacturer to see if they have any Rogers materials that suit you. They can assist you in selecting the appropriate material for your project.

Reviews and References

Examine the manufacturer’s internet feedback and client testimonies—request references. Contact your present clients to determine their thoughts about dealing with the manufacturer.


Printed circuit boards are widely acknowledged as essential to practically all digital gadgets utilized daily. As a result, it is critical to verify that the proper ingredients are employed to create PCBs. Several suppliers and manufacturers use premium supplies in the fabrication of PCBs. Many use both FR-four and Rogers fabric, and Rogers PCBs are widely used in various packaging.


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