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Quick Turn PCB

Jamindo takes pride in being one of the world’s leading quick-turn PCB prototypes and low-volume production suppliers. A quick-turn PCB is a printed circuit board designed, produced, and assembled in the least amount of time while retaining product quality.

Leading Quick Turn PCB Provider

Why Choose Our Quick Turn PCB

Initially, quick-turn PCB was used for low-volume production and fast PCB prototyping. Nevertheless, they are currently used in all stages of electronic product development, including original idea design, functioning prototypes, final product manufacture, and rapid market delivery. Quick-turn PCB assembly dramatically minimizes the creation and lead time required for traditional end-to-end PCB manufacture.

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The Latest Lead Time for Quick Turn PCB Fabrication Orders

We minimize delivery time while maintaining quality, and Jamindo lowers the price of small-batch PCBs and freight costs.
Standard Specifications
Order 2-layer designs within 2-3 Days – 24 Hour PCB
Order 5-10 layer designs within 6-7 Days– 4-5 Days
Custom Specifications
Order 2-Layer designs within 6-8 Days – 72 Hours
Order 4 -10 layer designs within 12 Days– 96 Hours
Note: We will also collaborate with you to arrange larger orders.

Advantages and benefits

Why Choose Jamindo Quick Turn PCB

No Minimum Requirements

You may get as few as 5 PCBs from us. We will not compel you to purchase anything you do not require to save money.

24-hour Customer Service

You can contact a live customer support representative who will answer your emails or messages. Our service personnel will follow your requests from submitting your Gerber file until you receive your PCB and build PCBs satisfactorily.

On-time Shipping

We are happy to have maintained an on-time delivery percentage of 99% over the years. We operate in two shifts to ensure your PCBs arrive on time and as soon as feasible. We only employ services from trustworthy and respectable businesses.

Fair Pricing

Our pricing structure is clear and has no hidden costs. Even many price-conscious customers, like students and hobbyists, rely on us for PCB prototypes, low-volume manufacturing, and assembly. We make every effort to save you money and time.

Quality Certifications

Jamindo's quality management system aims to produce efficient printed circuit boards that suit clients' needs. We constantly ensure the greatest quality of our printed circuit boards because of the materials used and innovative technologies!

Quality Assurance

All PCB boards will go through the most demanding examinations. We employ most of the industry's testing and inspection equipment, such as the Flying Probe Tester, X-Ray Inspection Machine, and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine.

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Jamindo provides unique services to assist our customers with their PCB projects. We hope to make your life easier through our PCB manufacturing and assembly capabilities.