High Current PCB

JamindoPCBA designs high-current PCBs incorporating new technologies. We have the knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge facilities to swiftly and expertly construct your high-current and other industrial PCBs.

What is High Current PCB?

More powerful systems and equipment expose users to a greater risk of electrostatic discharge and hazardous operating circumstances. Due to the circuit’s ability to take large currents, one can avoid difficulties using the JamindoPCBA high-current PCB. Our high-current PCBs can support larger critical current densities compared to conventional boards, which may only be able to handle amperes in the double digits. The high-present PCBs from JamindoPCBA can help tens of thousands of amps and operate at higher temperatures for an extended time. As a result, they provide connecting solid points. These PCBs have a particular layout that contains a thicker, more extensive layer of copper, which gives the PCB its strong characteristics.

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Benefits of High Current PCBs

The ability of a JamindoPCBA high-current PCB to withstand high currents, high temperatures, and repeated thermal cycling is its key benefit. Due to these reasons, a conventional circuit board will frequently have problems. Additional advantages of our high current PCBs include:


With heavy copper, our boards may achieve a higher density and fewer layers, resulting in a simple but reliable design. Packing more current-conducting material into a compact space increases connections’ mechanical strength.

Lower failure rate

More complex designs and high currents generate more heat. The temperature-sensitive PCB components can be kept in better shape by having heat drawn away from them thanks to copper’s high heat conduction.

Cost-effective production

Despite the higher cost of copper as a material, it is less expensive to produce hefty copper PCBs. A sturdy copper PCB can be used in place of copper cables to increase efficiency. If heavy copper is paired with standard features using particular production methods, a PCB can have fewer layers, a smaller physical footprint, and cheaper production costs.

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Why Us

We provide high-current PCB designs that accommodate various circuit current levels on the same layer or PDN and have more trace current carry capacity. It features high reliability and exceptional mechanical strength at connectors without the need for broader trace widths. With JamindoPCBA’s high current PBC, we utilize high-temperature components without risk.
  • Excellent Current Layout Guidelines
  • Advance Technological Capabilities
  • Rapid Prototype Service
  • Superior Materials
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ISO-9001 Certified
DFM, SMT, and Thru-hole Capabilities
100% E-test and AOI Inspection

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Applications for High Current PCB

The heat resistance of our high-current PCBs is remarkable. As a result, they are more suited for applications involving high speed, high frequency, and extreme temperatures. Additionally, it has good mechanical strength and is suitable for a variety of project applications, including:

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Solar Power Systems
  • Medical Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Communication Devices