Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy copper PCBs from JamindoPCBA are extensively used in various electrical industries. Our heavy copper technology combines circuitry for high current levels, enables intricate switches in confined locations, and efficiently dissipates heat.

What is Thick Copper PCB/Heavy Copper PCB

A printed circuit board is called heavy copper PCB or thick copper PCB if the internal and external layers contain 3 ounces (oz) or more copper. A circuit board with more copper than 4 ounces per square foot (ft2) is a rich copper PCB. Heavy copper PCBs provide a robust wire platform when combined with an appropriate substrate, through-hole circuits, and thicker plating.

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Capabilities of Heavy Copper PCB

Our heavy copper PCBs provide better current conductivity and resilience to exposure to high current loads. Making a copper trace broader will increase its current carrying capacity; thicker copper traces have higher current carrying capacities. The following are some of the primary capabilities of heavy copper PCBs from JamindoMFG:

20oz Max Outer Layer Copper

These speak about our board’s outside copper layers. JamindoPCBA heavy copper PCB external layers are often bonded with electronic components. The outer layers are composed of copper foil coated with copper. This aids the thickness. For standard designs, the copper weight of the outer layers is predetermined.

10oz Multi Layer’s Max Inner Layer Copper

The internal layers’ copper mass and the dielectric thickness of JamindoPCBA heavy copper PCBs are predetermined for standard projects. We provide copper inner layers with a maximum thickness of 10 oz. However, depending on your requirements, these layers’ copper weight and thickness can be changed.

50 Max Number of Layers

We offer up to a maximum of 50 layers for our heavy copper PCBs, which may also depend on your project requirements. These layers’ weight and thickness can be changed.

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Why Us

Heavy copper PCB products from JamindoPCBA has excellent features and advantages that may satisfy your electrical needs. These circuit boards will constantly release heat from the large currents they are conducting. Our heavy copper PCBs can create wiring for high-power circuits. Such a wire technique provides precise finishing and more dependable thermal stress handling.

  • Premium-Grade Material
  • Circuit board strength and survivability
  • Excellent Thermal Management
  • Wide Variety of Applications
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ISO-9001 Certified
DFM, SMT, and Thru-hole Capabilities
100% E-test and AOI Inspection

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Applications for Heavy Copper PCB
Applications for Heavy Copper PCB

Thanks to many remarkable characteristics, our heavy copper PCB is the finest option for specific applications. This type of PCB is used in military and defense-related applications. Our heavy copper PCB designs have seen an upsurge in demand over time. This is a result of the various uses for these PCBs, which include:

  • Systems for rail traction
  • UPS devices
  • Converters for solar power
  • Atomic energy industries
  • Automobile-related sectors