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Top 9 HDI PCB Manufacturers In 2023

HDI PCB Manufacturer

Are HDI PCBs on the market for your upcoming project? If so, well PCB is the place to go since we have gathered numerous top HDI PCB manufacturers where you can enquire and receive quotes.

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Understanding HDI PCB

High-Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board (HDI PCB) refers to a circuit board with better qualities than traditional boards. These devices now have better spacing because of the integration of HDI technology into consumer electronics optimization. The increased wire density of an HDI PCB is one of its benefits. The circuit board can also expand the printed circuit board (PCB) by incorporating or adding additional components.

HDI PCB Market Overview

The high-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs market was worth US$ 8.2 billion in 2022. From 2023 to 2028, the market, according to the IMARC Group, would expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5%, reaching US$ 11.5 billion. The rising product demand across various end-use sectors, including telecommunication, consumer electronics, and automotive, mainly drives the global market. The product’s rapid adoption in electronic devices, such as touch-screen gadgets, cell phones, laptop computers, and digital cameras, explains why. The market is also being boosted by the expanding trend of electronic devices getting more minor and the rising desire for high-performance gadgets.

Leading HDI PCB Manufacturers

Hundreds of HDI PCB manufacturers offer this kind of circuit board design throughout the globe. The top nine HDI PCB manufacturers have been listed, along with a description of how they differ from the other manufacturers.

Sierra Circuits

Sierra Circuits HDI PCB

Sierra Circuits’ main priority is producing the highest-quality product in the shortest period. The company specializes in quick-turn PCBs and medium production runs. This is possible because Sierrs is the PCB’s manufacturer and assembler. They have complete control over the production schedule because they own manufacturing and assembly facilities. Above all, Sierra Circuits’ mission is to give consumers access to information, expertise, and the market’s best circuit boards.
Sierra Circuits Official Website:
About Sierra Circuits:
Sierra Circuits Products:

Advance Circuits

Advance Circuits HDI PCB

As the US’s third-largest maker of printed circuit boards, AC takes great pride in its superior customer service and dependability. Additionally, Advanced Circuits provides exclusive PBC services to assist its clients with their PCB projects. View our Free PCB File Checker, FreeDFM, and their Free PCB Layout Software, PCB Artist. Advanced Circuits wants to simplify your life with its capacity to manufacture and assemble printed circuit boards.
Advance Circuits Official Website:
About Advance Circuits:
Advance Circuits HDI PCB:
Advance Circuits Capabilities:



San Francisco Circuits has been providing cutting-edge PCB manufacture, assembly, and services from San Mateo and San Diego, California, offices since 2005. They have built a reputation for continuously providing advanced circuit solutions since starting their firm in 2005. By employing a vast network of fully authorized partners, SFC can provide customers with “Borderless Boards,” which give them access to any PCB technology and service they desire.
SFC Official Website:
About SFC:
SFC Capabilities:


Cirexx HDI PCB

Cirexx has over 40 years of experience developing complex PCB products using hybrid PCBs, rigid-flex circuits, rigid HDI technology, flexible circuits, rigid-flex circuits, microwave RF technology, and exotic materials. For practically all technology businesses, they have delivered PCB projects of the highest caliber; they can do the same for you! Cirexx wants to be your go-to partner for PCB assembly, fabrication, and layout services.
Cirexx Official Website:
About Cirexx:
Cirexx HDI PCB:



Flex PCB is an industry-leading rigid-flex and flex PCB maker with its main office in Santa Ana, California, USA. It specializes in flexible circuit rapid quick-turn prototyping. This enables their clients to reach the market more quickly, economically, and effectively. Join forces with Flex PCB today to hasten the development of your creative ideas. They are equipped to produce flexible PCBs with unusual designs from various materials.
Flex PCB Official Website:
About Flex PCB:
Flex PCB Capabilities:



Since 1997, both domestically and internationally, RUSH PCB Inc. has offered printed circuit boards and assembly services to the electronics industry. They produce panels with 2 to 32 layers, provide quick turn consignment, and offer complete turn-key assembly as part of their business. The areas of competence for RUSH PCB Inc. include higher layer count PCBs, uncommon materials, laser drill micro-vias, blind/buried vias, and conductive and non-conductive via fill.
Rush PCB Official Website:
About Rush PCB:

JC Inc.


An electrical engineer with extensive manufacturing expertise launched Journey Circuits Inc., specializing in PCB design and contract manufacturing. Arriving in a market with much competition, we intend to set ourselves apart with our unique knowledge and enthusiasm for PCB design and manufacturing. Journey Circuit wants to raise the bar for PCB products and customer support.
JC Inc. Official Website:
About JC Inc.:
JC Inc. Specials:



Epec has a compelling history to share—one marked by outstanding accomplishments, the talent of the highest kind, and ground-breaking discoveries. Most significantly, they have a reputation for assisting their clients in bringing their premium goods to market more quickly.HDI boards, one of the PCB technologies with the fastest growth rate, are now available from Epec. HDI Boards may also feature blind or buried vias and typically have micro vias with a diameter of.006 or less. They have more circuitry than typical circuit boards.
EPEC Official Website:
About EPEC:
EPEC Products:



Multi-CB Company Group is a manufacturer of PBCs in Europe based in Poole. You may purchase a full selection of excellent printed circuit boards at Multi-CB. Whether producing prototype circuit boards in bulk or bespoke orders, Multi-CB prioritizes quality and dependability above all else.

Multi-CB Official Website:

About Multi-CB:


Factors to Consider in Choosing Your HDI PCB Manufacturer

Many people choose to source HDI PCBs when using them. A trusted supplier benefits all business owners from layout through manufacturing. This section lists seven factors to consider when selecting the best HDI PCB maker.

Timely Delivery

Goods must arrive at the desired location on time. Companies that want to be relevant partners with businesses that deliver items on time depend on it extensively to give their organization a competitive advantage. The timely delivery of goods is essential to a company entity’s success.

Excellent Customer Support

Customer service goes beyond only attempting to treat your clients nicely. Behind the scenes, there is a lot more activity going on. An essential component of a company entity’s operation is customer support. It affects how the general public perceives your business.


You may need clarification on the importance of quality given the variety of options still available to customers. But with quality accomplishing more than just providing items that meet customer expectations, the answer is a loud “yes.” Additionally essential to establishing a solid business reputation are high-quality products. You may do this by consistently providing customer service that goes “above and beyond.”

Fast Quotation and Ordering Process

Currently, a delayed ordering and quoting process could kill your company. The situation will be much worse if you decide to use a manual quotation and ordering process. In this case, the system will be more detrimental than beneficial. You must be wise if you want to stay competitive. Make sure your ordering and quote processes are quick.

Competitive Price

Competitive pricing is a market-focused pricing strategy that involves determining prices based on existing competition. Market trends and rivals can be the actual competition. Additionally, they can be expenses or customer requests. Competitive pricing allows a company organization to manage completion. A company competes by preventing competitors from stealing its clients and market share.

Good Packaging

First impressions count, and excellent packing is necessary for many reasons. For instance, it protects your goods while being handled and sent. You may reduce production and manufacturing expenses with adequate packaging. Good packaging spares you the hassle of managing harmed items. Over time, you also save money on replacement costs.


High-Density Interconnector (HDI) PCBs are circuit boards with much wiring for a small space. When compared to traditional panels, it is. The gaps and lines on these boards are more beautiful. In addition, they have remarkable capture pads, tiny vias, and dense connecting pads. Thousands of clients in need of HDI PCB have previously received their services. Stay caught up. If you need such services from the best manufacturers on the list above, your purchasing experience will be wonderful.