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Bare Board PCB

Bare board is a foundation for the attachment of various components, such as resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits. Jamindo manufacturer PCB bare boards to your requirements while providing effective bare PCB testing services.

What is Bare Board Testing

Bare board testing is the electrical testing done on blank PCBs to evaluate the isolation and continuity of the wiring board connections.
Jamindo continuity testing steps ensure that our circuits have no open points that will impede the current. The bare board testing is typically done using automated equipment that checks the circuit traces’ conductivity and insulation resistance, verifies the board’s dimensions and layout, and checks for potential manufacturing defects, such as open circuits, short circuits, or soldering defects.
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Why Jamindo Bare Printed Circuit Board

For Your New Product Start

Jamindo bare boards provide several cost and time-saving benefits, the process of manufacturing bare boards involves several steps, including design, material preparation, drilling, copper etching, surface finish, and electrical testing. Using bare boards can offer greater flexibility, cost saving, and improved quality control in electronics manufacturing. Manufacturers can save time using bare boards in product development while creating higher quality and more reliable products.

Our bare boards have several features that make them useful in several electronic applications. The board’s features are determined by the design of the circuit, the materials used, and the manufacturing process of bare boards, making them a versatile and reliable solution for varied electronic applications. With the ability to support complex and high-performance electronic circuits, bare boards play an essential role in developing and manufacturing electronic devices.

The bare board manufacturing process involves several critical steps for producing the best quality PCBs. Typical manufacturing processes are Design, Film Production, Cleaning and preparation, Etching, Drilling, Solder mask and silkscreen, Electrical testing, and Finishing. Jamindo’s bare board manufacturing process is complex and precise, requiring careful attention to detail at each step to ensure the production of high-quality PCBs.

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Why Jamindo PCBA

Jamindo PCBA has provided the bare board PCBs with quick turnaround and high client satisfaction. We are one of the world’s largest and most competent board producers. Our dedicated team of electrical experts produces exceptional goods such as double-sided, single-sided, and multilayer PCBs.

Class Standard Inspection Available
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24-hours Quick Turnaround Time
DFM, SMT, and Thru-hole Capabilities
RoHS Certification & ITAR compliance

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Applications of Bare Board
Applications of Bare Board

Bare PCB boards are used in several electronic applications requiring a printed circuit board (PCB). Some typical applications of bare boards include consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial equipment, Medical devices, Aerospace and Defense, and LED lighting. The specific application of a bare board will depend on the requirements of the electronic device being manufactured.