Aluminum PCB

JamindoPCBA is the leading manufacturer of aluminum PCBs, providing a wide selection of aluminum printed circuit board products on the market. This company is the most significant producer of premium-grade aluminum products through their highest precision and extensive manufacturing process. With years of expertise and advanced technology, JamindoPCBA provides large-scale supplies of aluminum PCB in every part of the world.

What is Aluminum PCB?

Aluminum PCB material is one of the circuit board types with aluminum as its substrate layer. This kind of PCB is composed of components similar to the other types. The only difference is that the substrate layer used is aluminum instead of resin or fiberglass. With this, it allows for the higher performance of the electronic circuit board, since aluminum is a significant element that can withstand and hold certain temperatures, making it the most suitable conductive material for PCB.
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Performance of Aluminum PCB

Being one of the most common and sought-after products on the market, here are several reasons based on its performance:

Outstanding Thermal Management

Because of its composition, aluminum became the most trusted material to hold and manage heating objects. An electronic device susceptible to heating can extensively use aluminum material to manage and disperse the heating. Thus, a printed circuit board with aluminum material as its base can withstand any heating condition. This will serve as protection for the electronic component from being damaged or destroyed due to overheating.


Aluminum-based PCB is a strong and hard electronic component that can last for a long time. PCBs are often destroyed or crashed due to overheating or even in the production procedure. But, with an aluminum-based coating, PCBs can operate and be functional for an extended period. During the aluminum PCB manufacturing process, this one does not commonly break during production operation, contrary to other PCBs.


This type of PCB offers a lot of variants; not only can it be versatile, but this also comes in a hybrid model. Having different forms equates to more extraordinary performance for different electronic materials. First, versatility; it can be applied to a vast selection of devices and appliances without hassle; second, hybridity, the less-producing heat material mounted to an aluminum layer, will create sufficient heat resistance.
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JamindoPCBA is a top-premier PCB manufacturer that can supply you with the most excellent quality products of your choice. Being able to serve you with the utmost quality is our top priority. Our aluminum PCB products come in different variations, from 2 layer aluminum PCB to multilayer aluminum PCB applicable to any of your electronic devices.

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Applications for Aluminum PCB
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Given the high demand for aluminum-based printed circuit boards on the market, it is impossible to dismiss the fact that many industrial sectors utilize this product. This type of PCB can be applied and used in different electronic devices that we usually encounter in everyday life, such as computers, lamps, and smartphones. The following sectors use our manufactured aluminum PCB:
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Communication Technologies
  • Aerospace